Currently… 7/19/12

Mason is currently…

Looking forward to –  Spending lots of time with the Grandmas. He’ll be with Grandma J at our house Thursday and Friday night and then spend Saturday and Sunday with Grandma B and Papa. Grandma J offers lots of singing, playing cars, and tickling and Grandma B has his beloved “traaaac-tor” and more Thomas and cooking paraphernalia than an entire store. No wonder he’s excited

Making – block towers and then knocking them down. That’s been a favorite this week

Working on – potty training. He peed in the potty twice in one day this week. WAHOO!!!

Reading – “Goodnight Wonder Pets” and “Llama Llama Nighty Night” every night before bed. He takes another Wonder Pets book to bed with him, that I refuse to try to read him because it has waaay too many words for Mr. “Turn the Page, I’m Impatient”

Listening to – everyone and everything. The things that are coming out of his mouth these days amuse me to no end and I know he’s just picking up language from listening to everyone around him. The other day I told him we didn’t have a second ice pack and he responded “Mason need two ice. Daddy go to work and make two ice!” Really kid?!

Mason’s Mom is currently…

Looking forward to: RockFest! Today kicks off four days of fun in the sun with my honey while we listen to awesome bands such as Shinedown, Poison, Hollywood Undead, and Papa Roach. Going to see outdoor concerts is kind of our summer “thing” and we’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while. Yay music and a few days off from work!

Making – zero progress on any To Do list. If I liked actually getting mundane stuff accomplished as much as I liked making lists about it, my house would be a lot cleaner!

Working on – Couch to 5k! I’ve always hated running but am continually drawn to this program because they make it seem like ANYONE can do it. I’m super out of shape and wanted to do something that didn’t require videos and weights and two hours a day or something, so I’m trying this. Today I’ll be doing Day One of Week Two, which means it’s the 4th “workout” and officially the longest I’ve ever stuck with any sort of fitness thing. Yay me!

Reading – Just finished Jodi Picoult (and daughter’s) “Between the Lines” and was reminded that I really don’t like fairy tales or anything remotely fantasy. Just started “Some Assembly Required” by Anne Lamott and am 8 books behind on my goal to read 104 books this year.

Listening to: In a few hours, lots of rock music. See above.

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  1. Lucy Post author

    How are you liking couch to 5k? I’ve been seeing so much about that on people’s blogs, but I must admit I’m terrified. I am so out of shape (other than the shape required for two nine month olds, but cardio-wise I’m a mess), but it’s so hot here (in Houston, TX). I’m looking for something to start when it gets a little cooler – if that ever happens!

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