2.5 is hard, ya’ll

This is what our Sunday looked liked….

Crying because he doesn’t want to take his pajamas off

Crying because I left his pajamas on

Masterfully moving a stool around the house to get into everything he shouldn’t be

Using the elderly cat as a “field” to “plow” in with his monster truck

Begging not to take a nap half an hour before naptime is even mentioned

Neverending super loud “garbage truck” sound effects

Sitting on the potty for twenty minutes and screaming because he doesn’t get a reward for farting.

Half an hour of tears after Daddy took away the handful of butter knives he got out of the drawer

Demanding to wear shoes without socks even though the last time he did this, he rubbed his big toe raw

Dumping out blueberries and grinding them into the carpet with said shoes with ridiculous glee

Running away with a napkin covered in yogurt instead of throwing it away. Rubbing said napkin all over a fabric rocking chair.

Telling me to “shhhhhhhhhhhhh” every time I spoke to SuperDad

Declaring he doesn’t want a shower and then crying for 10 minutes because he doesn’t get one

Refusing every single food offered to him and then begging “Supper? Me hun-ry??” five minutes before bed.

Calling “Mommy mommy mommy” Stuey style (ala Family Guy) from your crib at 10:15 pm

Good thing he’s cute….

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3 thoughts on “2.5 is hard, ya’ll

  1. Angel Post author

    Yep that sounds about right. Gotta love the old enough to do things alone but not big enough in reality to really do them stage. It gets better I promise..

  2. Cole Post author

    I *insist* on doing everything without help: “No! I do it every myself!”

    It is better than a few months ago, though – as my communication skills increase my frustration goes down = fewer screaming tantrums.

    Notice I said “fewer.” Not “none.”

  3. Allie Post author

    Ahhh. Toddlerhood.

    The vision I have of the cat being used as a field is quite humorous yet disturbing. Poor kitty! Our cats definitely know the feeling 😉

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