Curently… 8/16/12

Mason is currently…

Happy About – getting to leave school early today. We pulled him out to take him to Wilderness Walk and he was THRILLED to be awoken from his nap to see us there!

Searching for – his missing train DVD. We have turned the house upsidedown several times over these last few months for his “Real Trains for Kids” DVD (his favorite trains EVER) and cannot seem to find it. He’ll carry around the case and say “My trains missing. Find them?” in the most pitiful voice ever. I’m getting really close to buying another copy (and guaranteeing that I find the first one as soon as I cut the shrink wrap)

Making – food out of tinfoil. The other night he made me eggs, a taco, and a banana. Out of the same piece of tinfoil, all oddly the same shape.

Feeling – kind of sick. He’s come down with a really wet sounding cough and has been running a slight fever. Poor guy. Heading to the doctor today on Friday in hopes we can nip it in the bud before the weekend.

Going – to see a whole lot of semis at a semi truck show. Last year we went to meet the dude from Ice Road Truckers (one of SuperDad’s favorite shows) and we realized that Mason would get a kick out of it. So we’re going back again, this time to watch Mason lose his mind over a huge parking lot FULL of semis.

Masons’s Mom is currently…

Happy About – being on vacation. I was suppose to be visiting my favorite Michigan friends this weekend (BOOO) but that fell through due to plane tickets jumping $200 in a 4 hour span. I kept the time off so I’m off until Tuesday. Woot woot.

Searching for – easy answers to all the things I need to research and haven’t had time. Mainly, where to move my 401k from my previously employer, where to start Mason’s 529, what should I do for my new blog theme, how can I get blueberry stains out of the carpet, etc etc etc.

Making – umm, soon I will be making dozens and dozens of sale tags for the consignment sale that is exactly one month away. Does that count?

Feeling – overwhelmed by the vast amount of stuff I want to do in the next four days since I want to accomplish IT ALL plus do a lot of relaxing.

Going – to the dentist tomorrow. Yee haw.

How about you? What are you CURRENTLY up to?

Harvesting Kale

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4 thoughts on “Curently… 8/16/12

  1. Delora Post author

    I’ve had good luck using Bac Out for organic fruit stains. Colin had gotten some mashed in strawberries on a pale blue shirt, and after spraying it with Bac Out and letting it dry a few times, the stain was practically gone by the time I went to wash it. You don’t want to use something very foamy (like dish soap) because it’s hard to completely remove, and the soap residue gets sticky.

  2. Randalin {Harvesting Kale} Post author

    I looked here and was like “woah – 27 comments!? She’s a popular lady!” and then I read some of them. Boooo!

    Anyway – did you look for the DVD where he hid the iphone before?? Haha – it’s so sad when they lose something like that. Good luck finding it (either the original or a new copy)!

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