Lies I Tell My Toddler

I have an acquaintenance who is never hesitant to tell anyone that her preschooler will never hear about Santa or the Tooth Fairy because lying to kids about anything is wrong, wrong, wrong. I not only plan to stretch Santa out as long as I can, I find that I lie to Mason allll the time about things.

Just a few of the “lies” I tell him:

  • “Sorry bud, the TV is broken right now”
  • “Okay, no more running the water in the tub. We don’t want to run out of water because then Daddy will have none!”
  • “It’s too cold/too dark to play outside right now”
  • “Try x food, you’ll love it!”
  • “Mommy just LOOOVES her collard greens…” (SuperDad forced me into telling that whopper)
  • “Sorry buddy, that park is closed right now. Maybe it will be open tomorrow!”
  • “If you don’t listen to Mommy, you can’t go to Grandma’s today!” (Umm, a non-listening toddler is a ONE WAY TICKET to Grandma’s if you ask me!)
  • “The Gabba’s went ni-night, we can see them again tomorrow. They’re sleeping now”
  • “This ice cream is for adults only. You can have some when you’re bigger.”
  • “Your (stuffed) puppy is going to be SO SAD if you don’t lay down and sleep with him soon. He’s sooo tired”

So what about you guys? Do you lie to your kids or do you have a 100% honesty allll the time policy?

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6 thoughts on “Lies I Tell My Toddler

  1. Amie Post author

    I definitely don’t have an honesty policy, but I feel really, really bad when I lie. I know sooner or later he will find out and the fact that it’s not real may be something he has a hard time understanding/coming to terms with since I know by nature he is very honest and literal. I hope Santa can be fun for now and that later he can grasp that it’s the more about the reality of doing good than a fat guy in a red suit.

  2. Miranda Post author

    I’m not a fan of Santa, not because of the lie but just other issues. I also use ‘ba-ba (yo gabba gabba) went to sleep for the night!’ I see it mostly as a form of bribery than lying 🙂

  3. Ellen Post author

    Ha, these are great! We use similar tactics. We definitely tell him various characters went night-night. We also tell him he needs to get in bed because his stuffed elephant is scared and needs hugs.

  4. Randalin {Harvesting Kale} Post author

    **raises hand** GUILTY!

    Kris and I always laugh about this because we swore we’d never lie to Kale. I was under the impression that two year olds could be reasoned with (HAH!). Now we tell white lies alllllll the time. However, he’s far too smart because half the time he figures out the lie and shows us we’re wrong.

    As for bigger stuff, like Santa, we’re in the same camp as your acquaintance… but if I have to swear that santa is real so we can get in the car faster in the morning, I’ll do it.

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