Currently… 10/26/12

Mason is currently

worrying: about noises. He’s been scared of his webcam (aka video monitor) because it makes a clicking sound as it turns on it’s infrared and won’t allow it in his room anymore. He thinks a cricket in the garage is scary. Every now and then, he hears a scary noise in the middle of the night that scares him. So sad!

Listening: For the school bus in the morning. Mason’s favorite thing is to wait for the school bus to go by the house and suggest we chase it!

Wishing: We would quit asking him if he had to go potty, if he has to pee, or if his undies are dry. He HATES being asked any of these questions, yet still requires prompting (at home) to use the potty. Sorry, kiddo!

Observing: everyone at school. He LOVES telling us about the things his friends at school do every day. From “Chloe is a big grill, she wears undies too!” to “Aaron pushed Logan today!” he definitely pays attention to what the other kids are doing!

Considering: whether what he’s currently doing is worth stopping for the lure of a sticker or a new train for using the potty. Usually the answer is no, UNLESS it involves a frog potty in front of the TV. Sensing a theme here?

Mason’s Mom is currently

worrying: that the weather will be cruddy on Halloween night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween and am so excited to go trick or treating with Mason again and if it’s raining we can’t go.

listening: to lots of songs on Song Pop. This game is so addicting!

wishing: there were more hours in the day. I could really use another 7 hours in the day – 2.5 for my family, 1.5 for the internet, 2 for sleeping, and one for cleaning.

observing – the student intern at work. I’m helping train her and seeing how a total newbie does things really helps me pick up on ways to do (or not to do) things! Also hearing people explain stuff to her that I’m still unclear on has been helpful!

considering: looking into going back to school again. I figure I must be reaching some sort of expiration date soon on all my college credits and I really should finish a degree before they disappear into thin air.


2 thoughts on “Currently… 10/26/12

  1. Amber Gregory

    I grew up in Oregon, and I have to say, at least half of my Halloweens as a child were spent trick-or-treating in the rain. Of course, it was always a huge anxiety leading up to the day … but I only remember one year (when I was in middle school and way too old to be trick-or-treating anyway!) when it was a torrential downpour and no one could go out. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Randalin

    I love that Mason tells you what the other kids are up to at school. We’re lucky if Kale will mention anyone else – and if he does, it’s normally his teachers. I looking forward to our parent-teacher interview next week to make sure he’s actually interacting with other kids!

    I’m with you on the extra 7 hours. Except I would also require the energy to stay up for those 7 hours…

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