Trick or Treating 2012

Halloween night was Mason’s 2nd time Trick or Treating. He came home from school SUPER tired and basically immediately started asking to go to bed, so I was pretty worried what the night would hold, but we made it out, in costume, and had a good time!

He got lots of “P.U.!!!! You stink!!!!” comments as well as oohed and ahhed over by many mothers, grandmas, and preteen girls. A lot of people thought he was girl, but I’m guessing that was because of his very un-macho costume. LOL He only said “Trick or Treat” twice (occasionally preferring to just hold up his bucket and say “Candy??” but he said Thank You 100% of the time (sometimes with prompting) By the time we were done, he could barely carry his bucket anymore but refused to let us dump it out.

Grandma B also got him a toy Mater car and that distracted him from his giant bucket of candy which is good because I was really hoping it going to be a battle. I’m thinking SuperDad and I will take our favorites and we’ll see the rest to the dentist for $1/pound and ask if we can have it in all pennies or nickels – Mason will be thrilled about putting THAT in his piggy bank!

All in all, a super Halloween with our Little Stinker!

Trick or Treat 2011


8 thoughts on “Trick or Treating 2012

  1. Ellen

    Love the costume! You did a much better job taking photos than I did, mine are all dark and blurry. Looks like Mason scored a lot of loot!

  2. Nicole Buckingham

    OH my gosh just too stinkin’ cute… =)


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  3. Randalin

    Cutest skunk I’ve ever seen. Seriously, the skunk costume is one of my favourites. Kale got mistaken for a girl in his pumpkin costume too. Then again, Kale gets mistaken for a girl when he’s wearing blue from head to toe, holding a toy truck in one hand and a toy dinasaur in the other.

  4. Amy

    Ok so I totally disliked iPhone b/c it definitely doesn’t let me leAve comments all the time. I think I totally love the skunk costume! Very original, unlike us!

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