Parenting is Hard

Today was just one of those days for me…

One of those days where the toddler pees on the carpet more than he pees in the potty

Where the screams (from both parties unfortunately) outnumber the hugs

Where every food offered and suggested is met with an angry “No! No like  it!”

Where an entire box of crackers is dumped out behind the couch…

And an entire bucket of water out of the bathtub

Where the toddler hits the dog and pulls the cat’s tail… even though he knows better

Where an usually early wake up and an all too common late bedtime are not my friends

Where I spend way too much time whining on Twitter

Where I could vacuum another dozen times and the carpet still wouldn’t feel clean

Where dragging all the pots out of the cupboard and all the DVDs out of the entertainment stand is actually allowed just because it means just ten minutes of peace

Where the time outs are so many that count is lost

Where even the sweet demands from my beloved pets get on my nerves

Where the bedtime countdown has started by lunch

And I find myself wishing that I was a “glass of wine to take the edge off” person

A day where I feel like such a shitty parent

For the yelling

For the lack of patience

The lack of crafts

The counting of minutes

Wanting to run away. Or take a nap. Or even read a book.

Parenting is so freaking hard sometimes.

Tomorrow will be better, right?

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12 thoughts on “Parenting is Hard

  1. Leslie

    Parenting is hard, even days that go smoothly are exhausting. Thank you so much for linking up to Raising I,perfection and your post was perfect. We are looking for all types!

  2. randy33

    oh my gosh I think it was a Mason monster day. It was horrible…he was tired at 5pm but bouncing around and finally in bed half an hour ago! He wouldn’t eat anything and nothing made him happy. I feel for you. I really do. Hope the next days are better!

  3. Mama

    We had this day on Saturday. I feel ya. I’m pregnant so I can’t take the edge off with a glass of wine just a better (hopefully) nights sleep where I can refuel my patience tank.

  4. amy

    We had that day yesterday as well. Gage was so naughty I could’ve cried. I don’t think the baby helps and I know he’s having a hard time with it, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Btw, 2 is harder….you were smart and stopped at one.

  5. BalancingMama (Julie)

    Hang in there! I am betting today has already been better… and if not, well, he’ll be older one day, right?!? 🙂

  6. Lori

    It does get better, then worse, then better. . . it’s the few days of better that makes us forget all of the worse. Hang in there. I’m tipping my wine glass to you!

  7. Jayme

    *hugs* It’s so hard at times. I know this is the easy time for me–no back talking, no lying, really, well, not anything he can do wrong! But, when he’s fussy and I am unable to make him feel better, he won’t sleep, he seems to eat all the time, but is still hungry, I just feel so helpless. *more hugs*

  8. Randalin

    Ugh – I can so relate to this post. These days are so, so hard with little people testing our every limit and nerve. “Days are long, years are short! Days are long, years are short! Days are long, years are short!” is my mantra….


    awww, sorry you had a bad day…you are not alone, that’s for sure…hang in there!

  10. Arwen Hann

    Hi, found your blog via the Bloggy Moms November hop and when I saw this post, I thought `this is the kind of blog I can relate to`! Parenting is hard, but on bad days I always hope tomorrow will be better and it usually is. Some days are so bad that tomorrow couldn’t possibly be any worse!

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