Currently… 1/11/13

Mason is currently

Missing: his shopping cart and his ride-on toys. They ride-ons have been in the basement since the Christmas tree went up and the shopping cart went down to make way fore new Christmas toys and he asks about all of them frequently. So much for out of sight, out of mind!

Thinking: that he is a BIG KID. He hates being called a big boy or little. He will instantly correct you and say “No, I’m a BIIIIG KID!” Pretty sure this is because at daycare, they have the “Big Side” where the “Big Kids” go and he desperately wants to go there.

Moving: Hahahahah, when ISN’T he?? Typical nearly 3 year old, he plays non-stop from one toy to the next – takes out all his trains, plays for two minutes, starts cooking us some pies, then demands a TV show, only to “back u men” (vacuum) with his penguin a minute later.

Considering: the finer points of snow, snow melting, and puddles. Snow is great, puddles are great, but snow melting is sad. It’s a real issue here. LOL

Playing: Cooking us food (lots of pies, cookies, muffins, and spaghetti these days) and driving his trucks around are his two favorite activities these days, behind begging for more Mickey Mouse of course….

Mason’s Mom is currently

Thinking: that it’s just my luck that the night that I have someone to keep an eye on Mason so I can go do some “me time” shopping, it’s freezing rain. Then realizing that I hung a comforter on the clothesline to air out earlier today. And now it’s raining. FIGURES.

Considering: about our ten year plan. We should be able to pay our house off in the next 9 years if we play our cards right and it’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

Moving: my butt a bit more. Trying to make it a priority that I get at least 7000 steps every day and on Tuesday night, I did 2/3 of the “Jillian Michaels for Beginners” video. I say 2/3 because on Circuit 4, she announced that there were two more circuits and I collapsed and shut it off to avoid crying. LOL Was going to do it again tonight, but considering I can still barely get out of a chair, I better postpone it one more day.

Joe the Greyhound is currently

Missing: summer days of running in the yard. Snow and ice are no fun because it means no off leash time

Thinking: that getting to go for two hour long car rides today was absolutely awesome, despite spending an hour at a clinic in between his rides.

Considering: which he would rather eat – pig ear, bully stick, or peanut butter jar

Moving: a lot better due to pain medication (he’s got some senior dog back/hip pain going on, poor guy!)

Playing: “Steal the food” – someone has gotten quite adventurous with his food grabbing. He was never like that before Mason came along, but apparently Baby Mason dropping food all the time made him an opportunist. He can sneak off a snack cup full of crackers like one stealthy villain.

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3 thoughts on “Currently… 1/11/13

  1. LeeAnn

    Man, Mason and Bryce are SO alike! He loves to also pull out toys, play with them for two minutes, pull something else out, and repeat the cycle…over and over again. Within an hour, every toy is out and his room is trashed! Bryce also gets really mad if I call him “my baby”.

    Sorry to hear about Joe’s ailments. 🙁 Chloe had arthritis from about 6 months old, so we gave her Synovi G3 supplements. They really worked great for her, so you may want to check them out. My dogs also became food thieves after we had kids. LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Molly W.

    First of all, Wee Man is uber adorable and I bet he makes really yummy pretend food. Second of all, I had to stop Jillian Micheal’s yoga meltdown to puke … again I had to stop a yoga workout to throw up … so no worries! And third, Zoe loves Joe’s alligator toy! I love that you included him in your currently post.

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