Currently 2/15/13

Mason is currently:

LOVING his new pots and pans. I picked up an adorable play set from Ikea yesterday (anyone ever notice that 90% of play dishes are TINY and made for like, 6 month olds?!) and he’s super excited to have bigger pots that he’s allowed to play with… unlike Daddy’s stuff.

Ikea Kids Pots
DREAMING of the next time he can go swimming. We went swimming for his friend Quentin’s birthday yesterday and he can’t wait to go again. It’s been way too long!

ADMIRING his teacher at school. He LOVES MIss Marie and talks about her all the time, listens to her, and always wants to bring stuff to school to show her. Last week, he demanded to bring his flashlight on two different days, just to “show Miss Marie”

KISSING legs. He loves to run up and give you a big hug and then plant a big wet kiss right on your leg. It’s a cross between weird and really really cute.

GIFTING his three favorite daycare teachers with boxes of chocolate. I realize this was probably “wrong” of me to single them out, but he has the same two teachers in the two year old room 90% of the time and the other teacher will be his main teacher in the threes and has been with him since he was born. It was either chocolate for them or chocolates for 10, many of which maybe only see him for ten minutes a week. Blah.

WeeMason’s Mom is

LOVING: getting out of the house. I kinda sorta maybe had a little meltdown a few weeks ago about the fact that it had been MONTHS since I’d been able to leave the house to do anything without massive planning. Like, not even run to the store and buy a t-shirt. Since then, I’ve had three solo trips out, gotten my haircut, and had a girl’s day road trip to Ikea. My sanity level is so much better now!

DREAMING of warmer weather. We are halfway through February and February is usually the worst month for me (I give up on ever seeing Spring) The past few years have brought us temps in the 60s in March, so I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is coming. Granted, we’re in Wisconsin, so we could still get three feet of snow in APRIL, but hey, warmer weather IS coming.

ADMIRING my husband for being so awesome.

KISSING SuperDad, Mason, and Joe the greyhound. Duh

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