Birthday Theme Conundrum

I’m far from a Pinterest Mom. I don’t craft. I can’t color coordinate. Heck, I’m pretty sure Mason would make less of a mess with any of these objects than I would: scissors, glue, glitter, paint, tissue paper, tape, and popsicle sticks.

Being a blogger, you see “everyone else’s” birthday parties. You know, the kind where every member of the family has matching shirts, the kids have custom ordered custom embroidered outfits (possibly multiple which they change throughout the party) and every single item of food has adorable decorations and matches an original non-store bought theme.

Not us – the closest I’ve come to that is last year when Mason had Yo Gabba Gabba birthday invitations and also Yo Gabba Gabba balloons. Anything beyond that? Just doesn’t seem to work out for me. I am not crafty (and after 30 years, I’ve decided that this is okay – it’s not a skill I NEED, although it would be handy at times) and I’m also too cheap to shell out $30 on a shirt that will make sense for like two days and another $50 on adorable, but one time use decorations. Sorry Mason.

But, that doesn’t mean I still don’t want a theme. SuperDad thinks it’s silly since it’s just a family party anyway, but I like themes because looking back, it will help us remember what he was into at this age AND when we’re having a party for him, it only makes sense that he be surrounded by his favorite things.

With his birthday less than three weeks away, I have yet to mail invitations out as I haven’t picked a theme.

The possibilities include:
Mickey Mouse
Trucks Stuck in the Mud
Doc McStuffins

I think he’d get the biggest kick out of the top three, but I am really NOT a big Mickey fan (I think SuperDad already vetoed it as well LOL) and I have no clue how to pull off Trucks Stuck in the Mud, although it would make the birthday cake really easy this year.

So, goal for this week – pick a theme and order/mail out invitations. I’m running out of time!

And as for you, friends, reassure me that I’m not the only one who isn’t a “I began handcrafting decorations four months in advance” mom out there….

7 thoughts on “Birthday Theme Conundrum

  1. Cole

    Hmmm- I might be a Pinterest mom… But I struggle with it! I loved our Mickey party, so that would totally be my theme pick – now I’m curious as to why you don’t like him? You could do Trucks/Construction – check She did something like that last year and had some excellent simple ideas, as I recall.

    I see where you’re coming from about the shirts, but I make the kids where them the whole year Is that any better? Can we still be friends?

    1. WeeMasonMan's Mom

      I almost prefaced this with “Sarah, don’t read this post!!” No, I think it’s AWESOME that you do those things. Part of me would love to, but the other 90% of me just never has the motivation/dedication/skill to follow through.

      As for shirts, I think it really depends on the shirt – like Cole’s “I love LuLu!” shirt is awesome and a classic. An “It’s my third birthday!” shirt looks goofy about a month later. LOL
      And as for Mickey, everything about him grates. I hate his voice, I hate his friends, I hate his songs, and I hate hate hate how many tantrums Mason has over him. Ugh.

      1. Cole

        Thanks! I’m such a Disney fan – the only one I don’t like is Clarabelle (Goofy’s girlfriend, the cow) – HER voice grates!

        Also, holy typo, batman! My kids *wear* their shirts, not where them. I don’t even know how that happened – I blame lack of sleep and squirmy baby in my lap as I try to comment.

  2. Amy

    I do like themed parties but am not ‘that mom’ – I do like making fun cakes though! I would go w/ chuggington or tractors if you want something easy to get on a store bought cake.

  3. Molly W.

    I vote either Tractors or Trucks Stuck in the Mud. Those two themes seem the easiest. And I’m sorta crafty but I lack time and follow through if it make you feel better.

  4. Colleen Panzer

    I don’t know what Trucks Stuck in the Mud is, but it sounds like a construction themed party to me! Even if you’re not a “Pinterest mom” you can still browse the site for ideas, right?

    Or look up The Munchkin’s 2nd birthday b/c that was loosely trucks/construction themed.

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      Trucks stuck in the mud are literally that – trucks that are stuck in the mud. About a year ago, he happened to read a book where it rains and a truck gets stuck in the mud and farm animals come help pull it out. Then SuperDad showed him videos of rednecks getting their trucks stuck in the mud and pushing them out with other trucks. He’s been obsessed with trucks in the mud ever since LOL

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