Currently 3/8/13

Mason is currently:

eating way too many crackers. This boy is OBSESSED. Whether it be Ritz, goldfish, Annies, Teddy Grahams, saltines, all natural or all junk, he wants to eat nothing else. We’ve really gotten him out of his awesome fruit snacking habit and are trying to get him back in the swing of eating something that is actually more than 4% nutritious at snack time LOL

drinking out of his cool new water bottle.

We knew he was going to be interested in the cool new water bottles we bought, so we bought him a water bottle too, which combines several of his favorite things – bikes, robots, green, and being like mommy and daddy. He likes to demo how he can hold it upside down and shake it without any spilling. Maybe we should test future products without him being present? LOL

listening to music and enjoying it. For a while there, I was starting to worry that he wasn’t going to like music since he was always asking us to turn it down or turn it off every time we turned a radio on at home. Fortunately, lately he’s been requesting music and dancing his little heiney off. Love it!

reading lots of different books. His favorite books this very SECOND are Maisy Learns to Swim and Happy Birthday, Biscuit!

thinking that he should be able to watch the Kindle and drink juice every morning. What started out as a special Sunday morning activity (you know, when he wakes up at 7:15 instead of the 8:30 he usually sleeps until and I REEAALLY want another hour of sleep) but suddenly I have a boy waking up an hour early during the week demanding “his” kindle and some juice. Oy vey.

Mason’s Mom is

eating proper portion sizes and making sure she has enough calories to still have a few girl scout cookies

drinking lots of water. She’s only drinking pop 2-3 days a week and that’s been a HUGE change from her 20 ounces a day. Pretty much stalling out on 5-6 cups of water a day though, those last two cups just never happen, despite valiant efforts.

listening to Jillian Michaels say “Don’t phone it in, this is just a 20 minute workout, you need to be moving every second for 20 minutes!” and the Couch to 5k ap say “You have completed your run.”

readingA Walk in the Park” by Jill Mansell and “Lost and Found” by Geneen Roth. She’s also 1400 blog posts behind on her kindle. Yikes.

thinking about warm weather. After 6 inches of snow last week, northern Wisconsin is suppose to get rain and then more snow this weekend. Spring, where are you?!

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5 thoughts on “Currently 3/8/13

  1. Randalin

    Kale was doing the same exact same thing with music! Always telling me to turn it off and that it was hurting his ears. Then in the last two weeks, he starting jamming out to some tunes 🙂 Thankfully, the adult kind too – I’m not sure how much more kid stuff I can handle!

    So tell me your secret – when are you finding the time to exercise?!

    1. WeeMasonMan's Mom

      My secret is that I’ve stopped sleeping. LOL I’m now going to bed at like midnight instead of 10:30. BAAAAD trade off, but I can’t figure it out otherwise. By the time Mason gets reliably to sleep it’s about 9:20 and the workouts are both about 28 minutes….

  2. Cole

    That IS a super nifty water bottle! I can’t believe you’re still shredding – PLUS C25K? You are awesome. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers – down 12 pounds…

    I feel you re: winter. SO over it!

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