10 thoughts on “Easter 2013

  1. Sara K

    oh my goodness that bunny is the cutest and wee man hugging him doubles the cuteness factore. ahhh-dorable. hoppy Easter 😉 xo

  2. katznhund

    Mason with his tea set is adorable! I didn’t know they still made metal sets like that. Looks like you guys had a great Easter.

    1. WeeMasonMan's Mom

      I totally figured it was some old relic has mom had around but it says copyright 2005 on it, so it’s fairly new. No idea where she found it, but Mason sure loves it!

  3. amy

    cute shirt! Where did you find that? I couldn’t find a good Easter shirt for Gage this year.

  4. Cole

    That is one creepy bunny, but the hug pic is Adorable.

    I know I’ve seen those metal sets somewhere, but I can’t remember where. Maybe Kohl’s?

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