Currently… 4/14/13

Mason is currently….

entertaining the idea of summer coming. Nearly on a daily basis he lists off all the stuff he can’t wait to do – push his bubble mower, ride his bike, drive his truck. Unfortunately for him we still have nothing but snow in our forecast. Stupid weather.

holding onto Mickey Mouse. His friends Cole and Sarah got him this awesome Mickey Mouse and he LOVES it! He’s also fond of holding his blue blankie, which he calls his “blank” and say it’s superior to all other blankets because “It is very comfy”

Building pictures on his doodle screen that I picked up at the consignment sale. He likes to draw flowers and make us draw pots for them, something he did with Grandma D the other day and now thinks is the best thing ever.

Smiling when people are willing to give him horsey-back rides or make his Rhody Horse jump “way up high”

Frowning when we expect him to eat dinner at the supper table instead of in front of the TV. I have created a monster….

Mason’s Mom is

entertaining the idea that my bedroom is eating things. Last week my heart rate monitor transmitter disappeared and now I just realized I’m missing some notes off my dresser too. Aargh.

reading not nearly enough lately. I have about 10 books checked out from the library right now that I really DO want to read and I haven’t opened a book more than twice in the past two weeks.

wearing workout clothes. Just finished my C25K run for today and discovered that sleeveless/tank top style tops are the way to go

smiling because SuperDad and I get to enjoy the afternoon together toddler free and I’ve already gotten a bunch of stuff done. Procrastinate much?

frowning because it’s SNOWING AGAIN. Northern Wisconsin, I hate you. I. WANT. SPRING.


One thought on “Currently… 4/14/13

  1. Molly A. Wohlk

    I’m seriously quitting WI and mother nature and snow. I am so over it all. Ugh. I’m super proud of you sticking to your running. You are rockin’ it!

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