Such a BIG KID – [Not Quite] Wordless Wednesday 4/17/13

Back in early March, we were a bit surprised when Grandma B changed Mason to a “big kid bed” without consulting us first. I mean, that’s a big step, right?!Bed at GrandmasMuch to our surprise, he did great that night.

All through the month of March, we’d been telling him that the Easter Bunny was going to come and he was going to take all of his Nuks and give them to babies who need them. In return, the bunny would leave him a special toy and something new to sleep with. At times, Mason seemed really into this idea and at other times, he’d say things like “I don’t want the Easter bunny to take my Nuks. I need them” and be quite sad. This never failed to break my heart a little bit.

Two days after his 3rd birthday, SuperDad changed Mason’s crib into a toddler bed. Mason helped him “build” it and part way through, he picked up his Nuk and said “I don’t want the Easter Bunny to give my Nuk to babies! I’m throwing it away!” He proceeded to walk to the trash and throw away his favorite Nuk.  He was SUPER excited about his new big kid bed and probably would have went to sleep at 6 pm had we let him!newbedThat night, he went to bed in his big kid bed without his Nuk and just like that, a month has passed and he’s been sleeping great and never again asked for his Nuk. He found a random pacifier last week and went “What is this Nuk doing here?!” and promptly threw that one away too.


I’m shocked and amazed and oh so happy (and a teeeny bit sad too *sniffle sniffle*) that this all went so well. Yay for BIG KIDS!

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  1. Alissa Apel

    They grow up so fast! Many toddler beds are just an extension to a crib anymore. They still have the rail, which is great!

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