Currently… 4/25/13

Mason is currently…

watching the weather out the glass patio door. We’ve recently gotten a bunch of snow again after it was 3/4 melted. So he went from being excited about helping me pick up dog poop so he could play in the yard to begging to help Daddy shovel the deck… AGAIN. Every day, it’s a different view out the window around here.

Looking for his red tractor. He conned Grandma into buying it for him when he went to the store with her and then promptly left it at her house. He’s been talking about it and randomly searching the house for it ever since.

Growing by hopefully not a lot before fall. His whole summer wardrobe is 2T (he just started fitting into 2T/24 months in the past couple of months) so if he has a big growth spurt, he’s gonna be going naked. LOL

Riding on the hope it will soon be summer so he can ride his bike, his trike, and his truck.

Reading all sorts of books. I’ve been really lax about reading with Mason except for right before bedtime, so it’s my new goal to read at least five books a day with him, NOT including our bedtime reading. It’s going well. Current favorites are “Digger Man” and “Little Critter” books.

WeeMason’s Mom is currently…

eating in moderation. I’ve found it impossible to cut cookies and processed foods (I live off microwave meals for lunch) out of my diet, but I’m a heck of a lot better about not sitting down and polishing off 2/3 a quart of ice cream now. And only now eat only one or two cookies instead of seven or eight.

drinking more water but not less pop. I hate hate hate diet pop, tea, and any warm drink, but I can’t bring myself to give up my beloved Mountain Dew. *sigh* On the bright side, I drink less than one can a day.

wishing that there were more hours in the day. I think I say this every time. Ohhh, the things I would do!

loving the fact that spring is MAYBE finally here in Wisconsin. Currently the weather forecast is predicting 67 on Saturday and 71 on Sunday. Today was the first day our area has hit FIFTY this year. And oh, did I mention we got seven inches of snow on Tuesday?? I’m SO ready for spring. Those weather guessers better be right!!

reading sporadically right now. I have so many books I WANT to be reading (7 at home and 4 waiting at the library) and lately I’m finding (err, making) no time at all to read. It makes no sense since I’m genuinely excited about reading these books.

What are you up to, blog friends?


6 thoughts on “Currently… 4/25/13

  1. Kristin Low

    Cookies are my weakness! I just love them so much. Why is it so hard to find time to read!? I checked out a book over a week ago and have yet to open it! Jumped over from the linky to say hi!

  2. Molly A. Wohlk

    I weaned myself off of soda by going from one normal can a day to one ridiculously small (air plane style) can a day to no cans a day. Yay! It was not easy but after the first week I no longer crave it. Cookies on the other hand are another story. Mmmm cookies!

  3. Randalin

    I’m really crossing my fingers that Kale will not grow anymore until the fall. All his pants look like capri’s as it is, but I really don’t want to fork over cash for more pants when I know (or I hope) short weather is right around the corner!

    Also, glad to know that you also enjoy eating 8 cookies at a time and am impressed that you’ve found the control to cut it down to two.

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