Currently… 5/16/13

Mason is currently

hoping that when he wakes up he can get a sucker for pooping in the potty and look at the picture of the fire in the newspaper like I promised him. On that note, how do I break my child of the whole “rewards for using the potty” thing? Oops

reading a Mickey Mouse book with buttons and make sounds and gears that really turn. I picked it up at a garage sale and it became an instant favorite

wearing shorts and a John Deere shirt. He was so proud of his new John Deere shirt that he had to tell each kid at daycare this morning about it.

making his monster trucks crash and help each other out of the imaginary mud over and over again

planning his next trip to Grandmas. It involves wearing his boots and riding his tractor. And he mentions it frequently.

Mason’s Mom is currently…
hoping that I can stay on track for Couch to 5k this time. I attempted running outside yesterday for the first time basically ever and it went pretty well. I’ve got three weeks until my first 5k and all I can say is Thank GOD it’s an un-timed fun run. LOL

reading All You Could Ask For by Mike Greenberg. I love “all these people are tied together by some random thing” plots.

wearing my scrubs and a hoodie. SuperDad hates it that I don’t always change out of my scrubs when I get home (I do if they’re dirty!) but they’re so freaking comfortable and he’s at work right now, so scrubs it is!

making calendars and charts and planning out our new schedules as SuperDad switches to dayshift in July for the first time in over twelve years. Daycare transport, my bookstore job, and “who will watch the dog during a thunderstorm” are front players in my obsessive planning and I’m also trying to finalize plans for all of our usual music festivals of the summer. It’s all coming up fast!


How about you? What are you up to this week?

5 thoughts on “Currently… 5/16/13

  1. Delora

    Good luck on your c25k training! I finished week 7 today and ran 25mins straight, which amazes me since I don’t think there’s any time in my life that I’ve ever been able to do that. Sadly, my 5k is Sun and I didn’t finish the program, but I’m definitely loads better than I was last fall.

    Can’t wait to hear how you do!

  2. Jess Gougeon

    Hi! Visiting from Harvesting Kale. If you ever figure out the trick to taking away the potty treats… be sure to let me know 😉

  3. OTandET

    You will jam that 5k! Good luck on your training! I think it’s really sweet that Mason’s monster trucks help each other out of the mud; those are good monster truck friends to have! ps. Oh and I hear you on scrubs! I don’t wear scrubs but I stole all of Rob’s longjohn pants last winter and they’ve become my favorite house-pants. The husbands do not get a say when it comes to our comfy clothes… although I guess if he’s worried about germs I understand? Whatever, rock those scrubs! 🙂

  4. randy33

    ooh what music festivals do you go to? I was wondering how the rewards go away for pooping on the potty as well…i think just with time…Mason asked for one today but hasn’t for awhile besides that!

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