Random Updates

The weather this weekend was not very impressive. 60 degrees and windy today with the threat of rain allll day. Instagram kept me in a constant state of jealousy over everyone’s outdoor barbeques, trips to the pool, and swimsuits on the beach pictures. Oh Wisconsin, what a crappy Spring you’ve given us.

Mason is FINALLY starting to call Grandma B “Grandma B” instead of calling her his black grandma. As you can imagine, the phrase “black grandma” always gets some funny looks considering we’re all pale skinned blondes around here. LOL But for the longest time, Mason called both grandmas by the colors they were wearing last and after a while, Grandma J became his “pink grandma” and Grandma B became his “black grandma” (despite neither of them wearing lots of pink or black) My mom successfully got Mason to call her “Grandma D” two months ago but despite millions of corrections, Grandma B stayed his Black Grandma. We’re finally getting there.

Last week, I took a weeklong hiatus from Facebook. I found that, unlike the other social media outlets I frequent (aka Twitter and Instagram), I was checking it a zillion times a day but never really interacting with anyone. Other than maybe one status update a week and liking a picture here and there, I don’t really interact with anyone on it, yet I was “checking in” on my phone or hitting refresh on my computer a zillion times a night. Totally a waste of time for what I was getting out of it. So I deactivated my account and instead spent time reading, interacting with my family, and being more active on Instagram. Totally worthwhile. It also got me re-excited about Instagram and taking more pictures, so that was an added bonus.

Mason and I started going to church a few weeks ago. I had been debating about this for a long time and while I haven’t been to church myself regularly since junior high, it was important to me that Mason get brought up in a “church family” so he could make educated decisions for himself. I’m totally impressed with the sermons I’ve heard so far (including the ones I’ve listened to online) and their kids program seems pretty fabulous. Mason asks if he can go see his “new friends” so that’s a plus!

I have a day date planned next week with my BFF and I’m super excited. It’s been way too long since we’ve gotten together.

I was suppose to run my first 5k this Saturday but instead I’ll be working so my dog can have a play date on the 22nd. I’m way more excited about a doggy sleepover than I should but, but I’m okay with that. It also helps with the fact that I’m stuck on Week 4 of Couch to 5k and I am starting to think that I’m never going to be able to run two five minute segments in one workout ever. Which is definitely an issue when I want to run an entire 5k, not a 2k. I’m doing a Color Run on the 8th, so yeah… I have a problem. At least that’s just a fun run and not timed or anything!

There are swim lessons I want to sign up for in July but they start at 5 pm. I’ve said it a million times but I really wish there would be more “working mom friendly” things available schedule wise. Or maybe all the other moms work 8-4:30 and getting there by 5 isn’t an issue? *sigh* (I work til 5:15….)

I really wish I could figure out a better commenting system for the blog. I HATE Disqus entirely because there is no spot for commenters to leave their URL. I’ve commented Disqus about this issue and they say they expect people to sign up for an account if they want to share their URL. Seriously?! And the plain old WordPress comments are kind of ugly and don’t offer threaded commenting. Ugh, six of one, half a dozen of the other!

Mason has gotten to have several playdates with his cousin Blake and even asked if Blake could spend the night. How cute is that?! I’m so happy that he has at least one relative he’ll grow up close to. It’s also nice that he comes home from said play dates totally exhausted and bedtime is a breeze. Anyone want to come over for a playdate? LOL

Mason & Blake

How about you guys? What randomness has been going on with you? Anything new?

3 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. NinjaPanza

    I’ve gotten more into Instagram lately, too. Such a better waste of my time! 🙂

    Also, I’ve done the Color Run! I loved it and we walked like the whole thing, so no worries.

  2. BalancingMama (Julie)

    Perfect catch up post! I don’t get around to many blogs these days, but wanted to pop in and say hi. We are moving to a new home and have been exhausted for weeks. Official truck day is the 8th and I am ready to be done!
    P.S. Black Grandma? Is hilarious 🙂

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