My Mother’s Words Come Back to Haunt Me

When I was younger and being particularly bratty, my mom would say something along the lines of “I can’t wait until you have kids and they act like this! Then you’ll see!” and all I would do was roll my eyes.

The scene would usually be something like this – we lived in the sticks (still do!) and my mom would drive an hour to take me on an awesome shopping trip. We’d spend the whole day going from store to store, buying most anything I asked for, eating where I wanted to eat, and having the whole trip be mainly about me me me. Then, we’d get in the car to go home and a magical switch would flip and I’d become a nasty eye-rolly pre-teen who would do nothing but snap at my mom, or possibly worse, just grunt in response to her attempts at conversation. And then she’d pull out the “We’ve had such a nice day! Why do you have to act like this and ruin it?” Which would make me angry and the whole situation worse. Then the “I just can’t wait until you have kids of your own. You’ll see then!” would come out, which made ZERO sense to my young self and drove me NUTS.

Fast forward 20 years and I sure understand that now! Lately, it seems like the MORE fun I have with Mason and the bigger and the funner (yes, it’s a word, go with me on this) his day is, the more absolutely out-of-his-mind naughty at the end of the day he is. Saturday we spent several hours at the lake and I’ve never seen him smile more. It was pure magic. Two hours after we got home, we were BOTH doing nothing but yelling and crying. Sunday we spent the day at a fair and later that night I was tempted to lock him in his room until bedtime as one never ending time-out. (Don’t worry, I didn’t)

I caught myself saying/thinking “Mason, we’ve had SUCH a fun day today. Remember how fun it was? Why do you have to act like this and ruin such a nice day?” And instantly, all the memories of the smiles and laughs earlier in the day were tainted by the awful end of the day – the whining, the crying, the total 180 in attitude….

And at that moment, I fully understood just what my mom meant all those years ago.

Don’t worry, I fully understand that Mason’s bad end of the day behavior is 70% pure exhaustion and 30% threenager. That doesn’t meant it doesn’t suck after a fun day though!

And Mom… I hope you’re happy now. LOL

So how about you, have you ever had your parents’ words come back to haunt you?