Reading Time Tuesday

The time has finally come – Mason is in LOVE with a lot of the same books/characters that I loved as a kid.

We just can’t read enough

Little Critter


Curious George



around here these days.

Some of my earliest memories involve going to the library and checking out the Curious George books and the accompanying cassette tape with them. And I’m pretty sure Clifford helped get me started on my HUGE love of dogs, especially big dogs! Mason will probably never know what a cassette tape is, but he sure knows who George, Clifford, and Little Critter are.

Totally loving this!

What books are your kids enjoying these days? Have you been able to enjoy any childhood favorites yet?

One thought on “Reading Time Tuesday

  1. NinjaPanza

    My Ollie loves George too! I want to get into the little critters, they make me laugh. đŸ™‚ Right now we’re big into the 5 minute fairy tales books – perfect bedtime stories!

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