Currently… 7/25/13

Mason is currently

reviewing what he did at Grandmas. After spending Friday afternoon thru Monday morning with Grandma B, he likes to go over things that happened there – what shows he watched, what they played, where they went, and what he wants to do again.

wishing that we could go to the beach. His one trip to the beach made a huge impression on him and he is constantly asking to go back.


eating graham crackers. These have been a favorite snack as of lately. He’s also convinced that the only things he can eat for supper are the meat in his spaghetti, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. Ohhh, toddlerhood!

carrying the cat. Our cat likes to run out the deck door if given the opportunity and he’s NOT suppose to be outside. The other day SuperDad sent Mason to fetch him and Mason was so super proud that he was strong enough to carry the huuuge (9 pound nearly 15 year old) cat into the house all by himself.

running non-stop, usually pushing his bubble mower, which sadly does not blow any bubbles these days.

Mason’s Mom is currently

reviewing all sorts of “Blogging 101” pages in hopes to jump start her blogging mojo (and audience) once again.

wishing that summer wasn’t disappearing so quickly. It’s almost August. Next thing you know, snow will be here again. Excuse me while I sit here and sob at that thought.

eating not as good as she should be. A week of stress eating followed by two weekends of festival eating and the healthy eating / no out of the box snacking / not all junk all the time habits are dying off quickly.

carrying a long to do list and zero motivation to do it. How come it’s so much easier to find more things that need to be done than it is to actually get them done?

colornumberrunning out of time to complete two more 5ks. I’ve given up on the whole running thing, but walking is still great exercise and I had hoped to participate in a local competition where prizes are given to people who complete at least four 5ks this summer. I’ve done two and had planned to do the third next weekend but now I have to work.

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3 thoughts on “Currently… 7/25/13

  1. Molly W.

    I’m so impressed with you and your 5k’s lady! If there’s a local kid friendly one, let me know. I’ll WALK it with you (and bring Park). I do NOT run though. Like at all. I can’t believe how big wee man is getting. Please inform him to slow down!

  2. Colleen Panzer @ Mommy Panda

    When I can’t find the motivation to do stuff, I put on one of my Fav Pandora stations and have a dance party. Then, I dance a little while doing the thing, and if I start feeling silly (or The Bean stops giggling.) then it’s time to just do stuff for real.

  3. Laura @ TISIND

    Have you considered the Galloway Method? It’s an interval program where you run/walk. I ran two half marathons using that method and I am NOT a runner. I cannot recommend it enough!

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