Currently… 8/23/13

Mason is currently…

feeling a bit better. We received a notice from daycare on Monday that there had been an e.coli outbreak (Oh JOY!) and Mason came down with a tummy ache on Tuesday night. We were worried he caught that nasty nasty bug but after keeping him home from school Wednesday, he seems to be no worse for wear. WHEW! (And knock on wood!

missing Jake and Neverland Pirates because I won’t let him watch it anymore except on rare mornings when I need to bribe him to get out of bed. (I find it annoying and I’d rather him watch things that I can pretend are somewhat educational if I’m going to be annoyed by children’s TV lol)

reading books about monster trucks. And Little Critter. Over and over and over.

visiting with Auntie Sarah. He LOVES his Auntie Sarah and gets super excited at the mere mention of going to her house or her coming here. So sweet.

cooking nothing these days. We put his toy kitchen in the basement so he can have his convertible train table in the living room. He asks at least twice a week for his kitchen back. Poor guy.


Mason’s Mom is currently…

feeling like there is never enough hours in the day. I am pretty sure I answer this prompt the SAME way every time. The big consignment sale is on the 12th and I haven’t even started the 40+ hours of prep I need to do for this. Crud.

missing my Buzz kitty. It’s been nearly two years since he passed away and I still can’t see cat toys in stores without feeling like I should buy him one and then instantly missing him. It doesn’t help that we had a kitty in the clinic that looked just like him earlier this week.

reading not as much as I should. I keep getting books from the library in mass quantities that I WANT to read but have to return half of them before I’ve even started them because my library fines these days are a bit ridiculous.

visiting not nearly as much as I wish I was. I miss my friends and want to get together with them soon. Like last week *sigh*

cooking up plans for a new blog “theme” and design. I’m about to pull the trigger but I need to prove to myself that I can devote more than an hour or two a week to the blog in order to make it worth the cost of a redesign. We will see….

What are YOU currently up to?

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  1. Sarah

    I don’t mind Jake around here – there are certainly other shows I find WAY more annoying! Can’t wait to see the new blog theme!!!

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