Summer Bucket List Recap

Well, summer is officially over. We had such a WEIRD summer here in Wisconsin, with the weather staying cold except for one week in July and then a few weeks at the end of August. Otherwise, it was in the 50s and low 60s, which is really depressing when you want to spend time swimming and wearing tank tops. It really put a damper on our bucket list, as you’ll see….

Mason’s Summer Bucket List

  • Camp in a tent (backyard counts) – nope, not this summer
  • Go swimming at the outdoor pool at least 4 times – just once. So sad.
  • Go fishing – no. We WATCHED a guy fish, does that count?
  • Learn to like corn on the cob (a girl can hope?) – sadly no
  • Go see Thomas the Train in Duluth – Yes!
  • Learn to pedal his tricycle – yes!
  • Run a foot race – Two of them
  • Go to Irvine Park – nope, but hopefully this fall
  • Eat an ice cream cone – yes, two of them
  • Conquer bedtime in undies – no, but this is his parent’s fault
  • Find big rocks to climb – nope
  • Have at least 6 play dates – no 🙁
  • Get his face painted – he chose his arm instead
  • Make popsicles – yes
  • Draw with chalk outside – yes
  • Go out of state – yes
  • Play at the new splash pad weekly once it opens – it didn’t open 🙁
  • Play with his cousin Chloe – yes
  • See a movie at the drive in movie theatre – no
  • Wear his raincoat and boots and play in the rain – it basically didn’t rain all summer
  • Go to a petting zoo – yes
  • Make a friend at church – he loves some of his teachers, otherwise no
  • Go down a waterslide – yes
  • Go for lots of bike rides – yes
  • Play in a lake/river – yes
  • Get a new furry brother/sister – possibly
  • Watch the fireworks (without terror this year) – yes, he loved them. Note: next year don’t arrive so early
  • Play in a pool in the yard – yes, with his cousin Chloe!
  • “Paint” outside with water – no
  • Go to at least three parades – yes
  • Play in a sprinker – yes, lots at daycare, some at home
  • Go on a picnic – yes, with his Auntie Sarah!
  • Go to the fair – yes, twice!
  • Dance at an outdoor concert – no outdoor music for Mason this summer
  • See his Uncle Russ & Aunt Jen – yes!
  • Try three new parks/playgrounds – I might be the most sad about missing this one

So, out of 36 goals, we hit 21 of them. How did your summer bucket list work out?