Currently 10/24/13

Mason is currently…

loving the fact that he woke up yesterday to snow on the ground. The fact that this kid loves snow so much makes me question if he’s mine.

listening every now and then. His listening skills aren’t that great these days. Ohhh three, you’re certainly a challenge!

worrying about if Grandma will go on vacation again. Grandma B recently went on a two week trip to Italy and I’m pretty sure Mason now things “vacation” is a dirty word when he couldn’t go play at her house for nearly three weeks.

singing the Bob the Builder theme song ad naseum and the Barney song. I’m really not a big fan of the big purple dinosaur, but Mason singing “We’re a happy family….” totally warms my heart

reading books about Halloween!

Mason’s Mom is currently…

loving sneaking in some extra hours at work this week. I somehow used up all of my comp time and am trying to rebuild my cushion!

listening to the church service I missed this weekend online. I love my 21st century church!

worrying about not a whole lot right now. Life is GOOD.

singing nothing since Monday. My car is getting a door ding fixed and our loaner car just has FM radio. I’m an XM girl and am missing my radio stations a lot.

reading not a whole lot right now. I’m kind of between books right now. The last things I read were “Happy Happy Happy” by the Duck Commander and “This Girl” which was the very crap end to a  Colleen Hoover trilogy.

So what are you up to this week? If you blogged about it, go link up with Harvesting Kale and Ot&Et

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    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      In order of my presets (LOL) Octane, Lithium, 90s on 9, the Message, Prime Country, and the Highway. Missing WSIX and Talk Radio, both of which were recently taken off of XM!

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