Lazy Bones

Over the past six months, we’ve started wondering if Mason is… how do we put this kindly? A bit lazy.

This boy hates walking anywhere. If we try to take a family walk around the block, he’s asking to be carried when we’re less than half way. If we’re shopping somewhere, he asks to ride in a cart instead of walking. Even when we’re somewhere fun where he’s having a good time, after a short while he’ll start whining that he’s tired and he wants to be carried. And if you don’t carry him? Total meltdown which involves screaming about how his feet or legs hurt and he just cannot go on. Totally embarrassing.

Last month, we told him that we would all need to start taking long walks together as a family to get “in shape” so we could walk a lot on Halloween night for trick-or-treating. His response? If he couldn’t ride on Daddy’s shoulder’s, he didn’t want to go trick-or-treating. (Picture my jaw hitting the floor here)

He will more than happily run and play in the yard for hours or ride his bike for a couple of miles. But expect him to walk any distance and he’s complaining within a few minutes.

He has good (high quality brand name) shoes and we’ve tried MULTIPLE pairs to make sure it isn’t a comfort issue. We’ve tried bribing and we’ve repeatedly flat out refused to carry him to make sure it isn’t a power struggle thing and it doesn’t seem to be – he seriously seems convinced that his feet and legs hurt. But never ever complains about such a thing at daycare or while running and playing in the yard. So yeah, I think he’s just tired and tired = “Oh, it hurts!”

Has anyone else ever dealth with a toddler that doesn’t like to walk? What’s a REASONABLE amount of walking to expect a 3 1/2 year old to do? Maybe I’m off base here!  I don’t need to him to walk a 5k with me or anything, but being able to walk around for 20 minutes at an event or in the mall would be nice. Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Lazy Bones

  1. Sarah

    Now I’m trying to think of how far/long Cole walks at a stretch… I can’t think of a time when he was complaining or something, but mYbe he’s on my back preemptively? Not sure.

  2. Colleen @ Mommy Panda

    Hmm…we were out walking for 30-45 minutes when we went Trick or Treating, and it took that long for The Munchkin to complain. How long is your “half way around the block?” Sorry, but I have no advice.

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      Umm, five minutes or less. I can’t even imagine Mason lasting 30 minutes before he starts asking to be carried. Ten minutes would be about his max. My poor strange lazy child!

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      I would be happy with a block or two – lately it’s been, oh, 100 feet or so! Kind of frustrating but at least I know other kids do (slightly more athletic variations) this too!!

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