Five on Friday 11/1/13

I’m linking up today to share five good things this Friday.

1) Trick or Treating last night was super-duper fun despite the awful rain/mist combo. We unintentionally met up with Mason’s 2nd cousin and spent 3/4 of the night with them, which helped distract Mason from his “aching feet” (He was complaining by the SECOND house, btw) It was fun to see the boys have a blast together talking about “creepers and freakers” (their play on the Grim Reeper LOL) and Mason got us lots and lots of candy.

2) I got an awesome haircut on Wednesday. Totally love it and also like the dye job that went with it. I also survived my second eyebrow waxing as well and am pretty sure I discovered my new official salon. Totally loved the easy going chatter between all the hairdressers and clients and the girl who cut my hair and I had so much in common. Will definitely be going back!

3) I received notice that my “Backer” package had shipped for the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project. Veronica Mars is my FAVORITE show of all time and I was more than happy to kick in a few bucks to help fund a movie and get some swag in return. A Veronica Mars t-shirt and first dibs on seeing the actual movie? Yes, please!

4) Last Saturday, my bff and I had the ultimate girls night. We went and got “spa manicures” (and had the most hysterically bad customer service), went out for dinner and drinks, and then went to a haunted house/haunted trail. The haunted trail was pretty awesome, unfortunately the haunted house was a 2+ hour wait in line in 40 degree temps, but hey, I had great company!

5) Mason got invited to his first non-relative birthday party this weekend. Birthday parties for little kids (ages 1-4) in this area are pretty much usually family and friends of the family, so this will be his first opportunity at a party with a lot of other little kids that he isn’t related to. I’m probably just as excited about the party as he is (nah, I doubt it) because it just seems like such a fun milestone. For those of you who’s kids have been going to “friend” parties since your kids were babies, ya’ll probably think I’m nuts but oh well!

All in all, this was a wonderful week with more fun yet to come. Hope your week was just as great and your weekend is even better! Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. K

    I’m totally with you on the kids birthdays. We haven’t done a kid-only party yet and the idea of dropping off my little man scares me a little.

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