“The Favorite Part Of My Day”

I recently finished the “Slammed” Trilogy by Colleen Hoover and while the third book was horrible, the series inspired me to start a new family tradition – every night at supper, before we eat, we go around the table and each share the favorite part of our day.

I totally expected SuperDad to say “Coming home from work” every night and Mason to mimic whichever adult’s answer he liked better, but the results have been surprising – he totally understands what we’re asking and has even instigated this new tradition on several occasions! “Mommy, tonight when we share our favorite things, I think you should go first! I’ll go after Daddy!” It’s so cool that it’s on his mind throughout the day.

Some of Mason’s “favorite parts of my day” proclamations have included

“Going on a bike ride with Daddy”

“Going over to Grandma B’s”

“Eating pizza with my family”

“Digging a big poop hole with my daddy” (We were getting our septic pumped, the whole thing went over his head a little. There was lots of digging but zero poop involved LOL)

“Movie night with my family”

It’s definitely a sweet nightly ritual and I highly recommend it to any family out there!

Has your family ever tried anything like this?

4 thoughts on ““The Favorite Part Of My Day”

  1. Melanie

    I used to do something like this at bedtime. I’d lay down with each kid and ask them what had made them happy that day. I need to start doing it again!

  2. Miranda

    I agree about the 3rd book…I think I even wrote about how I didn’t like it on good reads. But this is a nice idea. Something I may have to try out!

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