Voting with a Three Year Old

Today we had a special election in our school district to vote on whether or not to spend 20 million dollars to replace our 100+ year old elementary school and create new sporting fields in our community. I served on the committee that was given the task of feeling out what the community felt about the proposal and what they were hoping for in a new school. On the handful of nights we had meetings, Mason knew I was “at a meeting to talk about his new school” and he’d even asked me questions about how the school was going to be built so it wouldn’t fall down. (Oh, the worries of a three year old!)

I picked him up at daycare when I got done with work and headed to our polling location. As we drove there, I told him that we were going to vote before heading home. He asked what that was and I said “Mommy is going to go press a button on a computer that tells people whether or not we think we should build a new school here. Because it’s the community’s money, everyone gets to say whether we think it’s a good idea or not and whichever side has the most yeses or no’s, that is what will happen” I then explained to him that he needed to be quiet in the buidling and it would be real quick, yada yada.

We go in the building, he’s quiet waiting in line. I sign the form and he’s quiet and patient. As he holds my hand, I’m pretty sure everyone around me is impressed by how quiet and cute my adorable son is.

And then we walk up to the polling computer…

Mason, NOT whispering by any means – “Mommy, are you telling that computer if I should get a new school or not?!”

Me: “Yes, Mason, you need to be quiet, I’ll be done in a second!”

Mason, louder: “Mommy, don’t say no!!!”

Me: “Mason, shhhhh!”

Mason, VERY loud: “Did you say no??! I hope you didn’t say no!!!”

I quickly ushered him out of there, hoping no no voters were chasing us and as we left, he announced “I really want a new school! I’m a BIG KID!!”

Next time, maybe I’ll wait to explain the election contents until AFTER I’m done voting and out of the building….

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