Mason’s Christmas List

Friday night, I sat down with Mason and had him make his Christmas list.

He sat in my lap and carefully thought of what he would like for Christmas. I wanted to do this before he became inundated with toy catalogues and (the very very few) TV commercials he sees.

So without further ado:

Mason’s Christmas list
(with zero prompting from Mom & Dad)
New tires for Mommy’s car so it can go through the snow *
Ninja turtles
Own 4-Leeler
Toy Cookie Maker
Basketball thing
New Mittens – Spiderman ones
Green Garbage Truck**

I just love how varied his list was. Cracks me up that the first thing he asked for was something for Mommy. What a sweetheart.

What’s on your kids Christmas lists?

*I don’t need new tires and have no idea why he thinks this
** This was added after a trip through ToyLand on Saturday


4 thoughts on “Mason’s Christmas List

  1. Melanie

    Ha, too cute and how sweet of him to think of you first!! My oldest has said she has everything so she doesn’t know what she wants, yet she circled EVERYTHING for girls in the Target toy book. The youngest wants a Furby and a giant 4ft teddy bear!

  2. Colleen @ Mommy Panda

    We’re not there yet. I don’t think The Munchkin has the concept of “wanting” toys. He would probably just say that he wants to play on the computer. He’s never asked for something he didn’t already have.

    When he saw Santa on the TV/Macy’s parade, he did say “Christmas!” so we’re getting somewhere!

  3. Theresa--Capri + 3

    I found you on Mommy Monday. We aren’t there yet with the Christmas list (and I admit I’m glad to enjoy this last year of no lists). I do love Mason’s list. That is very sweet that he wanted tires for your car. Love it!

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