Mason’s First Swear

Oh, the milestones you don’t want…

We’re all about “good words” and “bad words” around here. After a spell of saying saying stupid (and now living with the “Mommy, stupid is a NAUGHTY WORD! We don’t say stupid!!” police) and our decision to ignore “Oh my God!” and “What the heck!” Mason, at 3.75, uttered his non-parroted first swear word.

SuperDad got to daycare to pick him up yesterday and Mason looked right at him and said “D@mnit!!” After being chastised by his Dad and teacher, they went out to the truck where Mason proceeded to throw his Brobee backpack in the truck and say “D@mnit!” when his Daddy went to put him in the truck.

He was mighty upset when he wasn’t allowed to watch his usual after school TV show and cried off and on all night (oh, the drama) and promised to never say such a thing again. Some how I don’t believe it, but hey, the word hasn’t made another appearance.

How do you handle your preschooler’s potty mouth?

One thought on “Mason’s First Swear

  1. Delora

    My Colin went through a phase lasting a few months when he was calling everyone a Perro Feo (ugly dog in Spanish). My older son is in spanish immersion at school, and speaks spanish around the house with our panamanian au pair, so we’re not quite sure who Colin picked it up from, but after many discussions, many threats, and many many time outs, we weren’t having any success in getting him to stop. I finally threatened to wash his mouth out with soap if he continued to say those bad words, and when he didn’t stop, I followed through. The first time was just a teensy bit of foaming handsoap, but after another warning, I finally put a little bar of soap in his mouth. I hated having to do it, but the behavior stopped that day and I’ve only heard him say it once in the past two months.

    So yeah. Not sure I’d recommend this as a technique, but it did work for us, and so far has been an isolated incident.

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