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Despite several well meant “I’m going to start posting three times a week” “Tomorrow I will blog about X, Y, AND Z” and similar declarations, this blog has been pretty silent lately, huh?

I’m hoping participating in a year long project will change that! Enter “Catch the Moment 365” – a group project focusing on enjoying life’s little moments, taking a photo every day, and hopefully improving our photography (and appreciation of everyday life) along the way.

For those of you visiting from the project, hi! My name is Wendy and I share my life and home with with an awesome husband, a nearly four year old son (oh my gosh, how did that happen?), two retired racing greyhounds, and an elderly cat. I work at a vet clinic and am super passionate about greyhounds and pets in general.

IMG_20140101_222915I don’t cook, craft, and I’m not very stylish. I do love reading, window shopping, and sarcasm. I’m hoping to re-brand my blog in the next few months to be more about life in general instead of entirely Mason focused. Whether or that happens will remain to be seen. I was an early adopter of Flickr and miss looking at the world through the “that has photo potential” – it’s amazing the bits of life we miss when we’re just trying to make it through to the weekend….

I’m planning on posting all of my pictures on Instagram and then hopefully doing a weekly blog post with them as well. I use my Galaxy S4 too often for pictures and am hoping that I FINALLY learn to use our SLR camera this year (a Rebel XTI) or at least my nice Canon Point & Shoot. But most importantly, I’m sick of the days where I realize it’s been a week since I’ve snapped a picture or a long time since I’ve blogged and I want to change that.

Nurse Loves Farmer

I look forward to following everyone else this next year and seeing how the story of our lives play out over the next year. Please leave me a comment with your blog/Instagram URL so I can make sure that I’m following you!

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  1. Cori

    Yay!! Happy to see you participating too! Hoping this challenge will bring both of us out of our ruts!

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