First Time Rollerskating

I grew up rollerskating. We actually had a rollerskating unit in gym class when I was in elementary school! In second grade, I strapped some rollerblades on in my friend’s basement and next thing you knew, we were hitting the roller rink every weekend. While my groups of friends changed throughout the years, the weekly trips to the roller rink lasted basically up until high school.

Today, I took Mason to that very same roller rink for his first time skating. He was beside himself with excitement all morning and by the time we had got there, I had convinced him to try “big kid skates” (aka regular rental skates) as opposed to the plastic Fisher Price skates I had brought with us.

I unfortunately brought my camera but NOT it’s memory card but I’m not sure that would have mattered as I could never get far enough away from Mason to take a decent picture of him anyway LOL

Oh well, mediocre pictures of milestones are better than no pictures at all, right?!

So excited to get started

Hanging on for dear life

In between laps around the rink, he tried hard to convince me to dig up change to play alllll the games.

He conned me into paying $2 more dollars so he could play in the play land. He ran himself ragged and I now wish we could come here just for the playland.

He then set a world record for hot dog eating in the 3 year old division

“The shiny floor was a lot more slippery, Mommy!”

Unlike Cole and his athletic prowess, I don’t see a future in Olympic Rollerskating for Mason. In fact, it’s possible he could try out for a part in Broadway’s production of “Bambi on Ice.” But I’m so proud of him for trying as long as he did and having a good attitude about the number of times he fell down. (And yeah, I ended up totally regretting talking him into NOT using his little kid skates LOL)

The next time we go, I’m going to be prepared to be nickeled and dimed (the frame he’s holding on to was equivalent to the price of admission!) and I’m going to make sure that I have a real camera and a third person to either walk with him or take pictures.

As for Mason? He is already asking if we can go back tomorrow.

Did you grow up rollerskating? Have you taken your kids?

9 thoughts on “First Time Rollerskating

  1. RaD

    I grew up roller skating in my apartment parking lot. No rink in our area. But it at least game me the basic knowledge so when we did move into an area with a rink I basically knew how to skate.

    Now it’s about a half hour drive to the roller rink so we don’t go too often. My kiddos have mixed feelings about it. My son actually loves it but has such wide feet that he always, always gets nasty blisters because the skates are never wide enough for him.

    My daughter is on the fence about how she feels about it, half liking it but wishing she didn’t have to worry about falling. It’s funny though, because when she was littler and we took her she didn’t care about how many times she fell. I guess the bigger you get the less you want to hit the ground, LOL!

    I agree, mediocre pictures of milestones (or any fun event for that matter) are better than no pictures at all! And it’s so hard to take pictures at a roller skating rink between the lousy lighting and the constant movement anyways.

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      I totally agree with your daughter though – I was never worried about falling as a kid but now the idea that I might fall scares me half to death. I guess I didn’t have to worry much about breaking my arm and losing my job back then!

      I’m jealous of all of you guys who live in bigger areas – we drive an hour to go to Target, so half an hour to the roller rink doesn’t seem far to me at all LOL 🙂

  2. Rosey

    I love that they use the four wheel skates still too, hahahaa. that post takes me way back. 🙂

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

  3. Sarah

    That place looks awesome! I only went roller skating about 3 times my whole life, I think… And now I have to google if the older roller rink still exists so I can take my kiddies!

  4. Melanie

    Aw, he looks like he had a great time. I LOVE to skate… or used to. I went all the time as a teenager. My girls love going to the local rink, but we do not go very often. I re-discovered skating a few years ago and had quite a fall when my wheel caught on a piece of trash on the floor. I didn’t remember it hurting so much to fall when I was younger! It was weeks before I could walk with out pain. I will still skate with the kids, but only for a few songs and verrrry slowly.

    1. WeeMason's Mom

      I loved to skate as a teenager and would put literally miles on my rollerblades skating around town in the summer.

      Last year I purchased a pair of nice expensive rollerblades thinking they were my key to getting in better shape and having it actually be enjoyable.

      Unfortunately, 15 years later, going very fast on skates on asphalt was no longer fun but incredibly TERRIFYING lol

  5. Colleen @ Mommy Panda

    I loved going to the roller skating rink! If I remember correctly, I think my first kiss was at one? Hahaha oh man. So 90s.

    The Munchkin has kiddie skates and he looooooves them. There is a roller rink here, so we might have to take him when we get all our stuff back!

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      I had lots of “dates” at the roller rink a lot in the 90s as well. I was totally bummed that they did away with the “Moonlight Skate” (for couples) and now feature a friendship skate instead. Boo!

  6. Sara

    I grew up wishing I could roller skate. I just never got the hang of it, even after all the birthday parties held at the rink. We took Oliver to a friend’s roller skate party last year, and I went reeeeeeally slow… while he prefered “stroller skating”.

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