Flashback: Giraffe Pool Fun

In continuation of my “There is too much snow, let’s look at fun summer memories instead!” I present to you, the giraffe pool.

I picked this thing up on clearance for $12 in mid-July at Walgreens and we brought it out for our family get together in early August. Despite being much much much smaller than the picture on the front depicted it (the box showed several kids ages 4-8 playing in it and the pool was too small for one 3 year and one 4 year old), Mason and his cousin Chloe had a blast playing in it – mostly going down the slide in crazy positions and then jumping OFF the slide.

I took a zillion pictures but here were some of my favorites that just include Mason (since I’m not posting my niece in a swimsuit online without her parent’s permission….)





3 thoughts on “Flashback: Giraffe Pool Fun

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      His cousin started it LOL She was too tall for the slide to work properly, so she decided jumping worked better. It did LOL

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