Currently 1/23/14

I am currently…

reading “Christmas Jars Reunion”. I read the original book right before Christmas and was happy to discover a sequel. I’ve got 12 more books checked out from the library right now and am somewhat worried about where I’ll find the time to read them all!

loving spending time with friends. Last weekend had me out with friends (baby registry planning and a playdate with Mason’s “cousin” Liam) both Saturday and Sunday and I really need to make it a priority to see these ladies more often!

wearing my scrubs. It was a goal of mine to change out of my work clothes every night as soon as I got home but I’m really bad about it. They’re just as comfy as my pajamas, so more often than not, I stay in them until bedtime. I’m fairly sure it drives SuperDad crazy.

avoiding a small list of chores I really need to do such as vacuuming the steps and cleaning out the cat’s water fountain.

laughing at Mason who is so earnest with his manners when he really wants something. It’s amazing how quickly the “Please oh please?!” comes out when it’s something that’s important to him.

Mason is currently…

reading “There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow” and “If you’re Cold and Know it Clap Your Paws” These books have been on repeat around here and I definitely like the second one more than the first. Mason, unfortunately, really feels the opposite.

loving ABC Mouse. This kid cannot get enough of ABC Mouse. If he was spending half as much time doing the learning activities as he was re-dressing his character, washing his puppy, or taking his fish in and out of their tank, I would be loving it too!

wearing things that make him happy. Lately, Mason has been super into wearing a certain character. One night, he was wearing his Thomas jammies, so he insisted on wearing his Thomas undies and Thomas socks and the next morning, he wanted to wear a Thomas shirt to school. Now last night, he was super excited “to be a Ninja Turtle” since he was wearing Ninja Turtle jammies. Too funny.

avoiding eating his supper. This boy asks for chicken nuggets EVERY NIGHT. When he was a baby and I lovingly made all of his food by hand and made sure he had VARIETY and VEGETABLES and was SUCH A GOOD EATER, yeah, that all went to crap. Chicken nuggets it is.

laughing at stuff crashing or stuck in the mud. He loves watching “Gold Rush” with his dad or silly YouTube videos and he FREAKS out whenever anyone gets stuck or crashes. It’s fairly hilarious.

6 thoughts on “Currently 1/23/14

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      Yep, ABC Mouse costs $7.95/month. There was a month free trial when we started and I intended to try it out for a month and then cancel. That was a few months ago. LOL Mason really loves it though and it helps me feel that he’s doing learning activities at home, which I’m baaaad about coordinating. A few weeks ago they ran a special where we were able to get a year for less than $60 so we jumped on that. He should easily be able to continue using it for the next year, so I’m calling it an education cost LOL

        1. Mason's Mom Post author

          I was just about to do the same thing when their year buy in deal came along. I’ve seen a few giveaways on blogs too, so they definitely work with bloggers!

  1. Randalin

    Your dedication to reading always inspires me!! I ordered three books from Amazon and am really hoping to get a least one in before the baby arrives – although I’m sure I’ll have time to read at 4am while nursing too!

    As for kids and books, WHY do they always love the one we hate?!?

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