Follower Appreciation Giveaway!

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m trying hard to get back into posting regularly. I’ve found that during my blogging lapse, I’ve really lost a lot of followers for one reason or another (mostly due to my silence I’m guessing) and only a few of my regulars ever bother stopping by anymore. (Hi Sarah, Colleen, Jayme, Randalin, Lori, and Melanie! *waves*)

I decided a fun way to get new people to visit us here would be to give some stuff away! Everyone likes a good giveaway, right?


Well, if you knew me outside of my computer, you would know that Pizza Hut has been one of my favorite restaurants for basically forever! I love their personal pan pizzas and when I worked in the same town as Pizza Hut, I would have one every week! Soooo, prize #1 is a $15 gift card so someone else can enjoy the yumminess too!

If you were to come to my house, you’d discover that we have Bath & Body Works soap at every sink. I love their foaming soap for the kitchen and their antibacterial soap for the bathroom and enjoy the different scents for different seasons! (Right now, we’re still rocking our Vanilla Bean Noel in the bathroom). Anyway, because of my B&BW love, I’m giving away a $20 gift card to their store!

There are lots of options to enter and the more ways you show our little blog some love, the better chance you have to win! I will draw TWO names in a week and I hope those of you who are following in a new manner (or are new followers period) will stick around and enjoy some fun with my little family on our little corner of the internet!

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23 thoughts on “Follower Appreciation Giveaway!

  1. Jayme H.

    Bath & Body Works.

    I think this is the first time I’ve been mentioned in a blog post anywhere…I feel honored! πŸ˜€


  2. Melanie

    Believe it or not, our Pizza Huts were closed for many years. They were run down and one even had the board of health shut them down. A few take out only Pizza Hut’s have recently popped up, but I have yet to visit one. So, obviously I would pick the Bath & Body Works prize since I would be more likely to use that one. πŸ™‚

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      I seriously thought you had fallen off the face of the internets. So glad to see that you hadn’t!!

  3. Laura Brewer

    I just wanted to tell you before I forget, (its an age thing πŸ™‚ ya know) That I absolutley LOVE your Pinterest!!!

  4. Laura Brewer

    Areyou kidding me, I want them BOTH LOL LOL. The Pizza Hut one is the MOST important LOL I am a HUGE fan of Pizza Hut Pizza, but honestly, since everything is sky tocketing in prices, I cant afford it, so this is a HUGE reason for trying to win this lol lol.

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