2014 Goals

I realize it’s nearly February, but it took me basically all month to figure out what I wanted my year to look like – if I wanted to focus on a single concept, if I wanted to make a bucket list, or if I wanted to do nothing at all. I decided on a few goals:

1) Pay off all of my credit card debt. After becoming debt free in 2008 and staying that way for several years, I’m mad that I’ve let (non-mortgage) debt back into my life. That’s going to change this year.

2) Plan and save for our January 2015 trip to Disney. I’ve only been there once (as a 19 year old) and SuperDad and Mason never have. I want it to be epic. You’ll definitely be hearing more about this over the next year.

3) Continue my 365 Projects – I’m trying to take a photo a day for Capture the Moment, a greyhound photo a day because the years go by too quickly, Mason’s “Favorite Things” journal, my gratitude journal, and if that’s not enough, I’m also doing Joyce Meyer’s “Promises for Your Everyday Life” 365 days of scripture.

4) Do what I need to do to get into size 8 pants and improve my strength. I lost 18 pounds and 1 1/2 pants sizes last year only to gain nearly ten pounds back between Thanksgiving and New Years. Ugh. And those of you who know me, I know I don’t need to lose a bunch of weight, but this body definitely needs some toning!

5) Grow in my relationship with God, whether that be through church, SheReadsTruth, YouVersion, all of the above, or something else. “Testing out” a church last May with only the intention of finding a Sunday School program for Mason was one of the best things that happened to me last year.

6) Spend more time outside than inside once the temps are above 60ΒΊ.

7) Read Mason ~520 books to stay on track for the 1000 Books before Kindergarten” project. Read 90 books for me. I vow to be a book lover who raises a book lover.

8) Do lots and lots of things together as a family – make lots of memories and take a lot of pictures along the way

9) Continue blogging at least twice a week and work harder at supporting my blog friends.

10) Enrich my relationship with my husband, parents, and friends by spending quality time with them in person every month and having open regular communication.

I realize this sounds like a lot, but many of them are so inner-connected, such as paying off debt and planning the Disney Trip, spending time outside and taking photos and making memories, etc. I think the biggest struggle for me is going to be finding the motivation to get back on track with my fitness goals and finding the time to spend time with my parents and friends – something I want to make a priority!

What are your goals for 2014?

10 thoughts on “2014 Goals

  1. Sarah

    DISNEY! I love Disney so much. Where are you staying? I have to check out that 1000 books before kindergarten link… And how come your 18 pounds = 1.5 pants sizes, and my 43 pounds = 2 pants sizes? That hardly seems fair. I have been stuck on an ungodly plateau since November. Sucks.

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      I have no idea where we’re staying! Still trying to figure all that stuff out. Trying to do some research now without totally torturing myself since the trip is still 11+ months away.

      And, my 18 pounds were basically all in my thighs and butt. I carry my weight like saddlebags apparently.

  2. Laura Brewer

    I liked #3 and #5. I think God is very important and if you think about it, if you were to make #5 your #1 goal, all the rest would fall in place if ya know what I mean πŸ˜‰

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      Hahahah, I’m pretty sure it was your late post that convinced me it wasn’t too late to post mine!

  3. Colleen @ Mommy Panda

    Dude, that 1,000 books before Kindergarten thing is intimidating. I want to do it, and the local library here is a participating library! I don’t know what that means, but I think I need to get a library card STAT!

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      I’m kind of sad that our library is just handing out sheets with 100 circles on them, you put a check in the circle when you read a book and then when you fill the sheet, you go put a round dot sticker on a poster. Not having to write down titles or dates makes me really bad about keeping up with it and I don’t think Mason is going to be thrilled to put a dot filing sticker on a poster either….. But I still LOVE the idea!

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