Insurance Appeal

For those of you who are new around here, when Mason was a baby, he had plagiocephaly and issues with a tight neck muscle (torticollus)

We spent six months doing stretches, physical therapy, and all sorts of repositioning, only to have him end up in a cranial orthotic (aka a helmet) to help correct his very asymmetric headshape. Our insurance refused to cover the helmet, saying that yes, his head wasn’t correctly shaped, but by their definition, it had to be a liiittttle bit worse for them to cover a helmet.

We ended up paying for his helmet out of our pocket with plans to appeal their decision down the road. You know, when we had more time, when I could do more research, when I collected one more doctor’s letter, etc etc.

Well, now it’s three years later and our window for appealing is coming to a close.

Right before Christmas, I discovered that our insurance policy had updated their requirements for cranial orthotics and by their current definition, Mason’s helmet should have been more than covered.

Tomorrow (Thursday) morning, I have a hearing with our insurance’s board of appeals. It’s our last chance at possibly getting back thousands of dollars that, if you ask me, should have been covered in the first place.

Wish us luck please. #fingerscrossed

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