Catch the Moment #4 :: Project 365

Thursday, January 23
We went out to eat at the local pizza and sub shop. Mason hit a new milestone by bringing money to the counter to buy something (milk) and pay for it all by himself.


Friday, January 24
Date night at Red Robin

Saturday, January 25
Mason and Llama Llama did puzzles together at the library. A separate post about this coming soon!

Sunday, January 26
Beautiful Gretta (One of my MIL’s cats)

Monday, January 27
We spent a good half an hour working together as a family to put together a giant tractor floor puzzle. It made Mason’s “favorite things” list that day.

Tuesday, January 28
As a Boogie Wipes Ambassador, I’m constantly bringing Boogie Wipes samples into Mason’s daycare. They requested more for the one year old room and I was surprised to get this nice thank later that day. 🙂

Wednesday, January 29
I spent the entire evening working on our insurance appeal and Mason immersed himself in his new library books and watched (half of) Planes for the 1st time.

How was YOUR week?

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16 thoughts on “Catch the Moment #4 :: Project 365

  1. Angie Agerter

    Awww, Mason paying for himself, so cute!! So glad you got a picture of that!! And Gretta is so pretty. I adore the puzzle photo, so much excitement in that photo!

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      This was actually at a different library. But no, we haven’t been back to story time again!
      I’ll give you the scoop on Boogie Wipes Ambassadorship via Facebook. It’s invitation only with a very small number of new Ambassadors, as they’ve been making changes to the program these past few months.

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      He wasn’t nearly as excited as I hoped he would be. I told him we had a surprise for him and about twenty minutes after Llama Llama showed up, he was all “So, what’s my surprise?” and was a bit sad when I explained Llama Llama WAS the surprise! Hmph!

  2. Kim | Two Moms and a Kid

    Llama llama! He’s a favorite in this house. I love that you share the Library with Mason. It seems like so few people take advantage of this great system we all have available to us – for FREE.

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      We are huge library fans here! I’m at our little town library at least once a week and I take Mason to our bigger area library 2-3 times a month for playdates. We borrow movies, music, and books all the time. I’d be lost without the library system!

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      It was new to us – Kale over at Harvesting Kale is currently obsessed with it so we figured we would give it a try. Mason is now a fan!

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