Catch the Moment #5 :: Project 365

Another week has come and gone. I had a horrible time finding inspiration and motivation to take pictures this week, I’m thinking the zillion days of below zero temps is really starting to wear on me.

Thursday, January 30
It snowed pretty heavily once again Thursday morning, so SuperDad had more plowing to do. Several inches before 11 am and a “work is slow” snow day for me!
Too Much Snow

Too Much Snow

Friday, January 31
I picked Mason up some Yo Gabba Gabba Superhero pajamas a week ago and I just can’t get over how cute they are. All pajamas need footies and a cape, don’t you think?
Toothbrush SuperHero

Saturday, February 1st
Mason has found a new passion in life – playing Wii golf. Despite his baseball-style swing, he’s getting pretty good!
Wii Golf

Sunday, February 2nd
Joe got a new bed and seems to like it. He looks sad here because he obviously has no toys.
Greyhound New Bed

Monday, February 3rd
Today was SuperDad’s birthday. We roadtripped to Minnesota which meant we passed my favorite water tower.

Birthday pie!

Tuesday, February 4th
I spent Tuesday home sick in bed. It was… not fun.
Sick Day

Wednesday, February 5th
Our night time play consisted of me being a friendly snowman (aka dog toy) that needed a ride on the big truck to go buy some cookies. Mason found this ridiculously amusing and would have played it all night had I let him.
Snowman Taking a Ride

Did you catch any special moments on “film” this week?

5 thoughts on “Catch the Moment #5 :: Project 365

  1. Nicole

    I have become obsessed with greyhounds since I’ve seen the “adopt a greyhound as a pet” for all the retired racing dogs. Do they make good family pets? 🙂

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      Greyhounds make amazing pets! They are the “cat” of the dog world and spend most of the day sleeping. Contrary to what people think when they think “racing dog” these guys don’t need a whole lot of exercise. My senior is happy with a few leashed potty breaks a day and my recently retired guy does a few laps around the yard a day and they’re both happy. Many greyhounds (including mine) are good with cats, other dogs, and children. They’re giant couch potatoes and I’m sitting on the couch with Charly’s head in my lap currently. The “downfalls” to greyhounds are that they can NEVER be off leash in an unfenced area (they can hit 45 mph in only 3 strides and recall is poor), they aren’t a ruff and tumble dog like a lab, and they need coats and such in the winter if you’re in a snowy climate due to their low body fat. We’ve had greyhounds for ten years now and wouldn’t have another breed!

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