Catch the Moment #6 :: Project 365

Thursday, February 6
When it was time for bed, Mason decided to pretend to already be sleeping. I didn’t quite believe him.

Friday, February 7
I met a friend at a huge fundraiser for a shelter near her place. Charly wasn’t thrilled to be there and spent the entire night hellbent on pulling me out the door, so I ended up taking five pictures the whole night and all of them were awful. This is Brandy and Lenny.

Saturday, February 8
We took Mason bowling for the first time. Expect a photo post next week!

Sunday, February 9
In December, we went to see Monster Jam. It was there I learned that there is actually a dog themed monster truck. I was way too excited to find (and buy) it at Wal-Mart on Sunday.

Monday, February 10

I worked at the clinic all day on Monday and then worked at the bookstore in the evening so I almost missed taking a picture today.

Tuesday, February 11
Poor Charly was a mess on Tuesday. Yogurt on his forehead, dead Asian beetle on his nose….

I also must note that I’M SO SICK OF THE COLD WEATHER!

Wednesday, February 12
Took the old man kitty to the vet for his bi-monthly workup.

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19 thoughts on “Catch the Moment #6 :: Project 365

  1. Honey Mommy

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    My goodness, it REALLY is cold there. It has warmed up a bit here, but it has been wet and drizzly most of the week. I could use some sunshine too!

    Love the bowling pic! I need to take my boys again. They loved it!

  2. Nicole

    Love your dog! Saw some groundhounds at a local fair today – they were raising awareness of “adopt a greyhound as a pet”… one day! πŸ™‚

  3. Allie

    We have that same Yo Gabba Gabba blanket! I keep thinking she would want something more girly on her bed now that she is 6 but nope, she still loves her YGG blanket. Did he love bowling?

    1. WeeMason's Mom

      He totally loved bowling but he was pretty upset that he couldn’t throw the ball like the rest of us. I think if they would have had a 5# ball he could have done more than just shove it, but alas, they didn’t.

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