Share Your Favorite Apps – Linky Next Week

The other day, I was thinking about doing a post about all of my favorite “non-traditional” aps. You know, everyone is using Facebook and Instagram, but I wanted to talk about what are the NOT so common apps that I use every day!

Then, just like she was reading my mind, Christa posted a question on Twitter asking what everyone’s favorite non-traditional apps are. Much to my surprise, she had never heard of any of the ones that I found so useful and an idea was born!

Link Up Next Week

Please join me next week, on Wednesday, February 26th and write a post about your favorite “non-traditional” phone aps. So no Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Angry Birds, Skype, Pandora, SnapChat, Google Maps, FlappyBird, Vine, YouTube, and any other app that is on everyone on Earth’s smartphone, but anything else goes!

Being the geek I am, I look forward to sharing my favorite apps with you and also learning about a whole bunch of cool apps that I’m not currently using but should be! See you next Wednesday

2 thoughts on “Share Your Favorite Apps – Linky Next Week

  1. Delora

    I’m not a huge app user, but some of my favorites are Jog Tracker Pro, My-Cast Weather, Juice Defender (I got these 3 as the free daily Amazon app), and WomanLog Pro (paid for myself). Plague, Inc is a pretty fun little game you can play offline, so it’s good for airplanes.

  2. Melanie

    Neat idea! I seem to always be behind on stuff like this. I use the basic apps but I bet there are others out there that I don’t know about that would come in handy.

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