Currently… 2/20/14

This week, I am currently…

shoveling big heaping spoonfuls of denial down my throat that I could possibly be registering Mason for 4k today. That just doesn’t even seem possible.

ignoring the weather forecast. Yet another severe winter storm warning, predicting 8-12 inches of snow today. Considering Monday’s storm warning was predicting 6-8 inches and we didn’t even get 3″, I refuse to fret over the frequently overblown weather forecasts.

savoring the sound of Mason’s laughter and the fact that he is constantly asking to play with me or for hugs or for tickle fights. These times won’t last forever.

hugging Mason and Joe T Greyhound as frequently as possible.

throwing away my to-do list as I’m having zero luck getting anything important done. I did, however, finish another book. That should count for something, right?

Mason is currently…

shoveling the deck. He really wants to be a good helper, so he’s convinced that he alone can shovel the four foot high snow covering we have on our deck.

ignoring us when we tell him that no, he cannot play another 2934823 holes of Wii Golf. No, not three more either. No, not even one more little hole. No.

inhaling macaroni and cheese. I’m fairly sure mac and cheese has now surpassed chicken nuggets as his favorite food.

hugging anyone that he knows. He’s such a sweetie.

throwing lots of tantrums when we tell him no or he feels that he didn’t get to play how he wanted to play. For example. he’ll ask to play with ABC Mouse then he’ll ask to play Wii golf and then he’ll ask to do something else and then when it’s time for bed, he throws a holy fit because he didn’t have time to play with his garbage truck. Oh, nearly 4, you’re such a “fun” age!

What are you up to?!

PS – It’s totally Colleen’s fault that I’m apparently using last week’s prompts. Oops.

4 thoughts on “Currently… 2/20/14

  1. Ot & Et

    Wishing you all the sunshine and snow melts I can! We’ve had record snow stuff happening around here that I bet you would laugh at, but we aren’t equipped! I’ve hated every stupid second of it. Sun sun sun, please sun! Ulgh. And yes, finishing a book counts for a bunch! And Mason shoveling snow is about the cutest, so I guess the snow redeemed itself but only tinily. xo

  2. Caz Stone

    I’m also questioning weather reports over here in the UK. Today we’re ignoring the fact it has been non stop rain for weeks and heading for the coast because we want to and what do weather forecasters know anyway? Hope things warm up for you soon.

  3. Colleen @ Mommy Panda

    You shut up with your blame and maybe pay attention to the dates on people’s blog posts, ok???

    And yeah, Mason shoveling does sound really adorable.

    What is 4k? Is that like Kindergarten? Kid’s 4H?

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      4k is 4 year old kindergarten, otherwise called “pre-kindergarten” at other places. To me it’s the step in between preschool at 3 and kindergarten at 5, but who knows how the school defines it LOL

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