Catch the Moment #7 :: Project 365

I ended up with ALL cell phone pictures this week, but I remembered to take a picture every day, before bedtime even, so I guess that counts for something, right?

Thursday, February 13th
SuperDad spent all day shoveling snow off the roof. This resulted in huge piles of snow in front of all of our doors. Charly now has his very own “tunnel” to the backyard.
Snow Tunnel

Friday, February 14th
We aren’t really big on things like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day around here, but I sure appreciate the flowers my hubby picked up at the grocery store for me!
Grocery Store Flowers

Saturday, February 15th
One of my friends is having a baby in March and her shower was today. As usual, I managed to take no pictures of actual people.

Sunday, February 16th
Mason was super thrilled to go out and play in the snow.
Ready for Snow Play!

Monday, February 17th
My Equinox is in the shop and they sent us home with a RIDICULOUSLY large truck to drive in the mean time.
Chevy 3500 4x4 Truck

Tuesday, February 18th
We had breakfast for dinner
Pancakes for Supper

Wednesday, February 19th
Joe and I enjoyed a lunchtime walk to celebrate temps in the 30s.
Joe the Greyhound

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11 thoughts on “Catch the Moment #7 :: Project 365

  1. Rachel G

    My husband was scraping snow off of our roof today after hearing about roof cave-ins from the excessively heavy snow this year, there’s been so much!

  2. Kiara

    I am jealous of all that snow! I know it gets old after a while, but we’ve only had one snow day here in Seattle this winter šŸ™

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