My Favorite (Android) Phone Apps

If you’re anything like me, you use your smartphone a lot. Maybe you check Facebook and hang out on Instagram, maybe you make some phone calls here and there, maybe you text like crazy, or maybe that little handheld device runs your whole life – I think the latter is how it is for me!

It seems like everyone is aware of the big name apps like Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Candy Crush Saga, Google Maps,  Pinterest,  Angry Birds, Gmail, etc but what about those other apps that you use a lot that aren’t necessarily the same apps everyone and their grandma is using? I know I have have several apps that I find incredibly useful that no one else seems to have heard of and I’m sure you do too!

So let’s all geek out and help one another be more productive (or maybe less productive in some cases LOL) and share your favorite non-mainstream phone apps via the linky or in the comments.

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I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S4 and some of my favorite apps are as follows:

TinyCam Monitor (link)- This app, combined with several wireless cameras in my house lets me see what’s going on in my house at any moment, night and day. Waaay cheaper than the $250 baby monitor systems, I can watch Mason, my dogs, or my garage with the click of a button, pan and zoom around the room, hear what’s going on, and even speak through my phone and out the camera. Super cool and very useful. I’ll never let a friend buy an expensive baby monitor again.

Fuel Log  (link)- I use this to track my gas mileage and trip expenses. I log my odometer reading and gas purchases with every fill up and it calculates my miles per gallon, average cost per day of driving my car, average fuel consumption, basically everything I’d want to know and compares it to previous data. I could also log oil changes etc if I really wanted to.

MediSafe (link)- I am totally mis-using this app but that’s okay. It’s made for reminding you to take your medication but I use it as a reminder program for my entire life! A pop up reminder reminds me to water my plants twice a week, give my cat his meds, do chores around the house on a weekly or every other week basis, scoop the cat box every other day, all sorts of little things that I was constantly forgetting. I can snooze the reminder if I’m in the middle of doing something else and that works way better than something other apps where I’d click close and forget all about it.

Feedly (link)- probably not obscure, but this is how I read blogs. I have it on my computer, my Kindle, and on my phone and thus, no matter where I’m reading from, it knows which posts I have and haven’t read. I’ve also got them sorted by blogs I gotta read every single day vs everything else. Love Feedly!

Amazon Cloud Drive (link)- After having my phone go missing on several occasions, as well as drowning in the rain once, I know the heartbreak losing hundreds of irreplaceable photos and videos. It’s an awful feeling. Now, thanks to Amazon Cloud, as soon as I’m anywhere near wi-fi, all of my pictures and videos are automatically backed up onto the cloud, which I can then access from anywhere I have internet access. I can also transfer them to another phone if need be. The peace of mind is awesome.

So, there you have it! What are your favorite apps these days? They don’t have to be  overly useful or time saving like mine, they can be the newest game you’re addicted to or the way you follow your favorite actors – if you find an app worthwhile, please share!

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Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for anything said in this post – none of these companies/apps even know I exist. I just find them useful and think you might too!

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