(Almost) Wordless Wedesday Mason’s First Fro Yo

We live in the middle of nowhere. We drive ten minutes to our nearest store (Wal-mart) and it’s an hour drive one way to get to Target. No Starbucks, no Chuck E Cheese, no Costco or Trader Joes, and the only “dessert” type place is Dairy Queen.

Therefore, Mason had his first frozen yogurt just yesterday.





Do you think he liked it?!

6 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wedesday Mason’s First Fro Yo

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      Yes, it sure was! We had half an hour to kill before picking up the dogs and I wanted ice cream but didn’t want to sugar up Mason at Coldstone an hour before bed LOL

      I used the Foursquare reviews to pick our destination. So thanks for that LOL

  1. Allie

    Do they have all the fun toppings? I love some strawberry frozen yogurt smothered in whatever selection of chocolates they have that day. Good stuff!

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      Yes, I got chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough and tiny M&Ms on mine. Mason had graham cracker crumbles on him because I’m a mean mom and wouldn’t let him get anything other than that or fruit LOL

      Next time, I’m thinking chocolate ice cream with strawberries and cookie dough LOL

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