Weekly Wishes #4 :: March 10-16

I missed last week since we were on vacation, but here were my wishes from the week before

1) Get invitations for Mason’s birthday party – accomplished, despite Wal-mart trying to deny me my invitations because they felt a picture I took on Halloween night was copyrighted.

2) Decide on a new blog title and domain name – I’m still so wishy washy on this.

3) Start either making my step goal or playing with Jillian Michaels again – Not so much. I did great with my step count on vacation though!

4) Quit stressing about Joe T Greyhound’s slumber party. – Everything went greyt and I stressed for nothing, as usual.

5) Appear in some pictures that I take / are taken and try to get a new fantastic “headshot” of Mason. – Fail and fail

This week’s wishes

1) Get my house picked up. I’m participating in 40 Bags in 40 Days and five days in, I’m at 2 bags.

2) Not spend any more more (unplanned) money on Mason’s birthday party. Between his friend’s party and his family party, things are getting a bit out of hand.

3) In bed by 10:30 every weeknight.

4) Get back into the swing of reading all four of my Bible reading plans every day

5) Scale back – my endless to do list is starting to drag me down. Commit to stop over-committing.

What do you hope to accomplish this week??

5 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #4 :: March 10-16

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      It felt fairly ironic to put an item like that on my to-do list. “Stop to-doing so much” LOL

  1. Alyson @ Starting Over at the Dirty 30

    Where did you go on vacation? Good for you getting all of your steps in! I was actually on vacation with my family last week as well and my sister and dad both had a Fitbit and were all about their steps. Is that what you have? If so, is it worth it to get one? I am curious in how helpful it really is.

    Good luck with your goals this week!


  2. Kahleel

    Your baby is so cute!
    I also have to keep up with my bible readings too.
    Good luck and you can totally get it all accomplished.

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