Just a Tease

Hi Internet!

I’m still alive!! It’s been a CRAZY last two weeks with Mason’s birthday, two birthday parties, FPU, karate classes, stomach issues, basement leaking problems, a good friend giving birth, an absolutely INSANE two weeks at work, the whole shebang! This week promises to be a bit calmer (hopefully not famous last words) and I have SO much fun stuff coming up on the blog

  • More vacation posts
  • Mason’s birthday post
  • Mason’s 4 year old survey
  • Why my then three year old is WAY braver than his parents
  • Mason’s Jake and the Neverland Pirate’s birthday party
  • An awesome giveaway
  • A Financial Peace University Update
  • My updated wishes
  • Three weeks worth of Project 365 (with a few missing days *sigh*
  • and so much more!

So, check back later this week for lots of updates and sorry about the radio silence! Has anyone invented an way to add an additional five hours into the day yet?!

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