Weekly Wishes #5

Well, I had basically three weeks to work on “last week’s” wishes and here’s how I did….

1) Get my house picked up. The best part of having company over is the results of the manic cleaning that happens right before they come. It’s been a week since Mason’s party at the house and our house is still looking good. Yay.

2) Not spend any more more (unplanned) money on Mason’s birthday party. Accomplished.

3) In bed by 10:30 every weeknight. Ummm, not so much. But better than before….

4) Get back into the swing of reading all four of my Bible reading plans every day. Accomplished,

5) Scale back – my endless to do list is starting to drag me down. Commit to stop over-committing. Um, did you notice I didn’t blog for two weeks? Well, that was the only thing I let go by the wayside. Oops.

My goal for April – Set my budget and stick to it. I made a budget for March and totally ignored it and overspent in every area. April is the month that I get back on track!

And my weekly goals

1) Finish picking up my computer desk. I posted a picture on Instagram and the 40 Bags Facebook group this morning to shame myself into finishing it and I only got about halfway done today. I WILL finish it.

2) Wean Mason from Wii Sports. This kid is ridiculously addicted to playing tennis, golf, and baseball on the Wii. It’s fantastic exercise (seriously, this kid jumps and dances around until he’s soaked with sweat) but it’s become the root of all tantrums, every conversation, and way too much begging around here so something has to give.

3) Buy my niece her birthday presents. Any suggestions for a girl turning five? I don’t see them very often, so I don’t know what she’s “in to” which makes it harder.

4) List items for sale on Facebook Buying/Selling Pages and get at least half of my consignment sale prep done. The consignment sale starts the 10th and I just got my totes out yesterday. I want to try to sell some stuff for 100% profit on Facebook before it goes to the consignment sale and they take their 30% cut.

5) Be a better friend. I’ve been finding lately that up to a week goes by before I talk to friends that I use to talk to daily. I need to reach out more and make sure that stops happening.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #5

  1. Cat - On the Wall

    Your week sounds super busy! Good luck with everything. I’m 23 and don’t want to be weaned off my Wii Just Dance game, so I can’t imagine trying to get your kid to ease back – I hope that one goes okay! Hope you have a great week! I want to suggest something from Frozen for your niece, but I am probably totally out of touch with 5-year-olds too!

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      I actually thought about Frozen too but then figured that every little girl out there already has every Frozen thing imaginable! I did learn that she’s into Ariel, but that was during the party that that came out!

      You must be more coordinated than me if you’re into Just Dance LOL

      Have a great week!

  2. Chantel

    I’ve been going through the whole decluttering/listing things on Facebook lately. It feels good to get stuff out of the house. I hope you can get everything done on your list!

  3. Colleen @ Mommy Panda

    I feel like The Munchkin loves “Hole in the Wall” (a TV show) as much as Mason loves Wii Sports, but without the added exercise benefit. I’m about to ban Netflix all together!

    1. Mason's Mom Post author

      It always amazes me how many shows out there I haven’t even heard of LOL

      It’s a hard line – it’s great when there is something that entertains them so greatly and you’re able to get stuff DONE, but oh man, I can’t imagine the obsessing and extreme screen time (in our situation) is that good in the scheme of things.

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