Catch the Moment Weeks 13 & 14 :: Project 365

March 30
SuperDad surprised me with roses for no reason. He’s the best!

April 1st
Mason went to the doctor for his FOUR YEAR check up!

And we celebrated Joe T Greyhound’s 12th birthday. My bff made AMAZING doggy cupcakes for the occasion.

April 2nd
Joe and I were excited to see the snow starting to melt. It may be dirty, but there is grass under all that muck!

We also went out for Mexican night at a real sit down restaurant. Rare for us!

April 3rd
Fun with relay races at karate class.

April 4th
Remember how we were excited about grass? We got 7″ of snow this day….

April 5th
We celebrated “Cousin Chloe’s” 5th birthday at a gymnastic center!
april5 april5-2

April 6th
We spent the whole day prepping stuff to sell at the consignment sale and built this beauty to try to keep the toy mania under control. No more monster trucks at the bottom of the toybox. Woohoo!

April 7th
I discovered that I can have dog food shipped straight to my house from Amazon for less than it costs at the pet store. AND I found a 20% off coupon. How cool is that? (For some reason it arriving in a box amused me enough that I had to take a picture)

April 8th
The first sign of spring!

April 9th
The second sign of spring – massive amounts of water leaking into our basement :o(

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6 thoughts on “Catch the Moment Weeks 13 & 14 :: Project 365

  1. Sarah Halsteaed

    The snow just needs to go away!!! Love your flower shot, but the water leaking in just sucks. That margarita looks sooo good. Counting down the days until I can enjoy one. Ha ha.

    1. WeeMason's Mom

      Mason had just been promised there would be no shots right before I took that picture, so he was a very willing candidate!

      And the cupcakes – I can’t even make human cupcakes look anywhere decent and she just rolled out delicious dog cupcakes with homemade bones like it was nothing. She’s pretty talented, that BFF of mine 🙂

  2. RaD

    The cupcakes looked super cute!

    I hope everything is under control in the basement. Any area flooding can be a nightmare.

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