Weekly Wishes #7 :: May 5 – 11

Last month’s wishes:

Set my budget and stick to itA big fat negative on this one. I made my budget and didn’t look at it again. BUT, I did pretty good with discretionary spending, so I don’t think I came out too badly.

Last “Week’s” wishes:

1) Finish picking up my computer desk. Didn’t happen

2) Less TV Time, more Toy Time for Mason – Did great with this one. He’s watched way less TV and this weekend was the first time he played Wii in weeks.

3) Be a better blogger this week. Comment more and post more. Errr, nope. I did comment frequently for a few days there and then was basically offline the rest of the month.

4) Be a better wife this week. Make the most of our limited time together. Yes, I think this went well. I did several thoughtful things for him and we spent every evening after M went to bed together hanging out instead of on our computers.

5) Be a smart consignment sale seller and shopper – I rocked this. I didn’t buy Mason anything ridiculously unnecessary AND made more money than I spent AND had very few things that didn’t sell. A big score all the way around.

The Nectar Collective

This month’s wishes:

Every dollar, on paper, going where I tell it to go.

Complete at least two weeks of T25.

This week’s wishes

1) Create a game plan now that Financial Peace University is finished (Monday)

2) Finish my site re-design and get moved over to NorthernMom.com

3) Strive to find some sort of balance. Surely I can find a way to read, spend time with my hubby, AND blog, right?!!? (Let me down gently on this one if I’m wrong please!

4) Start T25. I keep meaning to start 30 Day Shred but that’s sooo monotonous. I’ve heard T25 is better, so we shall see.

How about you? What do you hope to accomplish this week/month?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #7 :: May 5 – 11

  1. Jamie

    finding balance is always the hardest thing! I’ve had a friend visiting this week and have been slacking in the blog department, but I try to remember real life is more important- no one will be hurt if I skip a post or miss commenting for a week. Good luck this month! Stopping by from weekly wishes.

  2. Cheryn @ Ruby Square

    I’m not very good at budgeting at all so that’s something I need to do and most importantly STICK TO this month! Finding balance is always a tricky one too, I think it takes a while to get the balance right! I’m with you on the ‘be a better blogger’ goal – at least you got to spend quality time with your hubby though which is far better 🙂 Good luck with all your goals this week!

  3. Elizabeth Than

    I agree with Jamie that finding balance can be difficult, but I think once you get a hang on it you’ll be acing all the way! Just take it slow, find a way that suit you and your lifestyle. Good luck!

  4. Cheryn @ Ruby Square

    I’m with you on the be a better blogger! But at least you made up for it by being a better wife, that’s a great achievement and more important 🙂 Good luck with your goals and look forward to seeing your new site design!

  5. Sara

    Oooh less TV time… we were doing good with that too, until Oliver got sick. Eh, well. 3/5 on your list isn’t bad~!

    1. WeeMason's Mom

      No, it’s more 30 Day Shred than Couch to 5k. Basically a very challenging workout video designed to help you make big changes in 25 minutes a day. The biggest chance I need to make is the motivation to DO IT.

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