Summer Bucket List

Why yes, I know summer is a little over 1/3 over already, but I figured I would post our summer bucket list. I had a great family one made and saved on my cell phone (you know, so I could whip it out and refer to it whenever we were going “What should we do today!?” but I, um, apparently accidentally didn’t actually save it! So, on the old blog it goes –

Summer Bucket List 2015 v2

Go swimming a lot

Visit at least three new parks

Visit Wisconsin Dells

Go on a bike ride on a scenic bike trail

Find at least 30 geocaches

Visit a new state

See the fireworks (done July 4th)

Visit a new beach (done July 4th)

Have at least three bonfires

Use up our Splash Pad punch card

Go to several parades Two so far

Go fishing (Done June 8th – hope to do more!)

Go camping

Go on a boat ride

Have a play date with a new friend

Have a play date with an old friend

Go to the Farmer’s Market

Go to the drive in theatre

Have lots of cookouts

Go to the fair

Get Mason’s face painted

Play date with Cousin Chloe

Eat lots of summery foods

What are your hopes and goals for this summer?  We’d love to hear about them!